Presidential Candidate's Proposals to Manage the Pandemic


Kast Commands’ Proposals to Manage the Pandemic:

Health officer of the Boric command:

Sichel health officer:

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The proposal quoted below (automated translation) by María José Hernández, the health manager of the Kast campaign, is radically different from the other candidates.

María José Hernández:

“…there are aspects that we would definitely change: we would eliminate the “green pass”, we would totally reopen commerce. That is to say, that each local chooses the preventive measures to take against contagion…”

“…And in the face of quarantines or confinements, we believe that measures like this are no longer justified…”

"…Why would you eliminate the Mobility Pass?

We would opt for more preventive measures that do not take the liberties of the people, that is why we do not believe in green passes. More than an incentive, it almost seems like an obligation (for example, to enter the interior of bars and restaurants). And therefore, we would implement that each local opts for the preventive measures that it considers. In the US, the premises at the entrance of your door, require a mask, first or second dose and what is the amount of capacity. If the person does not feel safe in that place, she will choose another…"

"…Would you advance to a mandatory vaccination?

No … we consider these to be personal decisions and we opt for the freedom of people to decide whether to get vaccinated or not. That is why we eliminate these green passes that grant greater or lesser freedoms. We will not use those kinds of incentives…"

"…Would you resort to the curfew or the State of Exemption?

… regarding the State of Emergency, we want to consider the experience of other countries that have been successful. The case of Sweden, which I mentioned before, they cannot constitutionally decree a state of emergency if they are in a period of peace…"

As Paula Daza is joining the Kast team, would anyone please tell if her position regarding the mobility pass, and the possibility of mandatory vaccination in Chile, is not conflicting with what was mentioned earlier in this topic?

La subsecretaria aseveró que desde “mi rol va a ser fundamental que se continúen con todas las estrategias que estamos implementando en el día de hoy. Una de ellas es el plan de vacunación, el Plaso a Paso y el Pase de Movilidad”.

“Yo he conversado con el candidato. El objetivo y el espíritu del candidato es que se continúe con todas las políticas de salud pública y mejorarlas”, recalcó. Además señaló que “no podemos poner la ideología sobre el conocimiento científico”.

Obvio we are … unless those 6-11 years old start developing heart issues en masse…

More clarity:

Consultada por algunos puntos del programa original del Kast, como la eliminación del pase de movilidad, la médica expresó que “desde mi rol va a ser fundamental que se continúen con todas las estrategias que estamos implementando el día de hoy”.

Further, I have researched the PDF (programa de José Antonio Kast) and there was not a single word regarding this matter, nor regarding the “freedom of people to decide whether to get vaccinated or not”.

So no one is going to eliminate anything. The Greek alphabet is infinite, and this is going to last forever. On the 19th gonna vote for Eric Clapton.

Taken from: José Antonio Kast Rist on Twitter
1 hour ago
“No que ibas contra el globalismo? Parece que ya te compraron. Con lo de Daza y el pase de movilidad te aseguraste de perder la elección.”

Also, here it is all said:

"Siempre dijimos que nuestros planes en las distintas áreas no estaban escritos en piedra".

Any leader with half a brain knows that if you go against the official narrative on this matter, there will be grave consequences to them and their family’s prosperity and/or physical existence in this dimension.

It is now a vote between destruction of the Marxist/Commie sort or the continuation of Chile being one of the better places to live in this hemisphere.

This all sounds really really sad.

Salud, it seemed to always be too good to be true and it was.

Kast with the support of evangelical types against the jab which brought the other forum down…

Young people and heart issues may turn the tide, maybe or maybe not.

I am not Kast, but I would hope his COVID policies would be less harsh than the left who seem to be 100% on-board with the narrative and more (as more gov control is always best). Remember, it was COLMED and their leader who now works for Boric who proposed the draconian short circuit plan in answer to the already harsh Piñata Minsal plan. Given the important base of evangelicals behind Kast, there may still be hope of a moderating influence on COVID policy so IMO, not voting leading to a Boric win would be worse than voting for a slight hope.

Yeah, I definitely have not forgotten Colmed’s draconian cortocircuito plan. No thanks!

On an interesting note, my husband saw Kast’s wife taking one of their (many) teens for their vaccination here in town.

Yeah totally! He is soo close. He just has to not step in anything!!


Maybe it was just some people that look like them? :poop:

Hate to burst your bubble, but probably not. They live in the area and everyone was going over to talk to her.

When each of the candidates invited a sanitary lady to join their team, some folks could see it as if it were the sanitary ladies who invited the candidates…

I’ve been following the social media response during several days and I can only guess that the true number of people whose reaction is indeed strong, emotional, and absolutely certain is considerable. Maybe I am wrong.

Isn’t it a tough choice: to potentially loose the elections together with respect of a tiny part of supporters who had this “too good to be true” kind of hope for more freedoms – vs. to potentially win, but accepting all risks related to this matter?

And who are those world leaders who are still here, and are still fighting in a “one against all” manner: Lukashenko, the unvaccinated Belarus leader?
Belarus never introduced any lockdowns, masks were only briefly mandatory in public places, Lukashenko declared early on that he is not going to be vaccinated, and is rejecting masks, the vaccination rate in Belarus remains very low, only a quarter of the population is estimated to have received a double dose… and yet, Lukashenko is seriously under Putin now… so…

Who else, Bolsonaro? He’s a man… Still, for how long will he last? Then, Sweden? It was all in the past. Tanzania? We know what happened to the leader, at uncertain circumstances. There was also unvaccinated Trump… Not many, not many indeed.

I wonder where you have read or thought that Kast would be antivacuna? In the very first tv interview in the campaign (probably el candidato), he clearly stated that he is for vaccines and that he had 2 jabs and were just waiting for his booster. I have never seen him question the approach that Chile has followed and the fact that Daza has joined his team is further evidence of that.
If it is because that somewhere in the original 600 pages program there were some anti vacuna text, then it is pretty clear to me that some of the more “extreme” voices in his party has managed to slip their ideas into the program. As was evident in the latest debate, then Kast is not even aware what the programs says…

The issue is what the Kast campaign proposes, freedom and liberty.

This should also extend to the jab issue. Should remain voluntary indefinitely and the rights of the unjabbed should not be trampled or them being singled out as a separate minority to be treated differently. The Pase de Movilidad and other measures are unconstitutional as the State of Emergency ended months ago.

Kast as a lawyer who patriotically respects institutions should know this.

No. Just what E said above.

Related to the interview in the OP regarding the discontinuation of the green pass, and the guaranteed freedom of choice.

When one takes their words back regarding one thing – it can be expected that they can take their words back regarding other matters also. That was my point.

I had missed that, thanks. Agreed, certainly seems like a “voltereta” from the Kast team, but has he personally voiced his opinion on this matter?

“En sus redes sociales abundaron los mensajes de molestia, incluso con videos recordándole la postura inicial que había manifestado.”

There are more than enough messages on the Internet (like twitter accounts) containing the original quotations, if you wish you can investigate, but I won’t include them here – as many of them are worded in rather strong terms.