How to get to Santiago after the 1st of November?

Dear Forum:

Here is what I read:

"In the new format of the plan (Paso a Paso), the Mobility Pass will continue to be key to having greater freedoms

It will also be a requirement to make inter-regional trips by public transport, eliminating the C19 from 1 November."

Source: Fin a las cuarentenas y con cambios en las fases: Así será el nuevo plan Paso a Paso -

I will need to go to Stgo. and I have no car. Should I go by feet, then?

Interesting, only La Tercera was the biggie that reported that particular line whereas the rest are more copy-paste tabloid entertainment sites.

Searched specifically the sites of El Mercurio, BioBioChile and SoyChile y nada???

Also tried these searches setting Chile as country and “ultima semana” for time period. ( dot = . )

site:gobdotcl “interregionales” “transporte público” “1 de noviembre”

site:minsaldotcl “interregionales” “transporte público” “1 de noviembre”

y nada.

A couple of official today’s announcements:

“The isolation of positive, suspicious, narrow and traveler” is allowed, “all of whom may be transferred to health residences”.

Not a single word regarding the public transport.

These ones, posted one hour ago, false or true?

“Desde el 1 de noviembre, se eliminará el C19 y sólo se revisará el Pase de Movilidad.”

“Pase de Movilidad será exigido para viajes en transporte público”

Finally a reference on

El Pase de Movilidad se mantendrá plenamente vigente. Además, desde el 1 de noviembre se exigirá el documento a mayores de 12 años y habrá restricciones en transporte público interurbano como buses y aviones.

We are fucked unless this is challenged, clarified or walked back like most statements of this type.

Hopefully, they will paint a couple of buses black, and every 10 departures there will be one special “fucked” bus.

What …a…mess… :man_facepalming:

When a person is only able to pay for public transit then this is a double whammy for those with less resources because they tell themselves they have no choice but to acquiesce. Makes it worse and more malignant

How long can any place still be considered “not a totalitarian place” with mandates making public transportation a privilege? Even after a state of emergency is lifted?

And Daza is supposedly the most respected and highly rated government official. Stockholm syndrome.


FYI, for those who need the jam it up your nasal passage test:

¿Cuánto cuesta el examen del Covid-19?

El examen para detección del Coronavirus (Covid-19) depende de tu seguro de salud (Isapre o Fonasa) y de dónde te lo realices:

Si tienes Fonasa

Si eres beneficiario de Fonasa A, B C o D, el valor del examen para detectar la presencia de Covid-19 (ocupando el método de PCR) es totalmente gratuito, siempre y cuando te atiendas en la red pública de salud. Para aquellos que quieren tomarse el examen fuera de la red pública, deberán realizar un copago de hasta $12.500, cuando el centro médico donde se realice el examen esté en convenio con Fonasa. De lo contrario, tendrá que pagar $25.000 sin derecho a reembolso.

Si tienes Isapre

Si eres Isapre, el valor del examen máximo es de $25.000 en los recintos de salud privados del país. Este valor no tiene en cuenta la cobertura que puede tener tu Isapre, cuyo valor promedio alcanza los $5.000. Si te realizas este examen en un recinto de salud público, el examen será gratuito.

The BioBio article is not quite correct.

If you read all the new releases on this in the past 4 hours, it is interregional trips more than 200 kms.

So us 5th Region folk are not ufcked as much as others.

We could get creative with this. Only travel <200 kms. at a time, spend a night in some unknown pueblo in Chile, then continue on another <200 kms.

Go over 200 kms., and the virus will immediately attack and the Minsal stormtroopers will swoop down on you.

Wow. So neither the c19 nor the pase de (…)? Very nice. Unf*cked indeed. Let’s see if anything changes yet again.

Yep, the screws are tightening in various places.

Now the already jabbed over 55 are threatened with loss of their Pase de Movilidad if they do not take a booster.

But this rests on really solid scientific foundations. As always.

Here is one example of how the logic works. Firstly, I want to include two quotes from THE SAME article, posted today:*


“La estadística deja en evidencia que vacunados y no vacunados tienen incidencias de contagio prácticamente similares…”

“…En concreto, la incidencia actual de contagios -en general- es de 50,3 entre quienes no tienen proyección de la vacuna, 51,4 entre los vacunados…”


“Sobre la reciente alza de contagios, el profesional explica que ‘…por el todavía alto número de rezagados que tenemos en la vacunación’…”


Viernes 22 octubre de 2021 | 11:21

And of course, regardless of the first statement above, the second one is being been posted repeatedly, again and again:

“Advierten que no vacunados mantienen activa la pandemia”

Jueves 21 octubre de 2021 | 15:38

Well known that deploying “leaky” “vaccines” during the height of a pandemic causes the selective pressure to create new virulent variants whereas in a situation where natural herd immunity is obtained, the new variants become less virulent not more virulent over time. The vaccinated with their experimental vaccines that don’t create immunity or stop transmission are the ones continuing the so-called pandemic, not the unjabbed.

Go back to the case curves over the months, they shot up to their highest during the peak of the mass vaccination campaign and when they finally were dropping like a rock, they started jabbing the youngsters and began the booster program, and kaboom, case numbers going up again threatening the images of Paris and Daza.

So what do they do? Blame and attack the unjabbed!

It may be well advised to develop some private air transport contacts.

Helicopter to argentina or peru with a private pilot who is of likemind and has access to private landing location in both locations. Knows the route well…flown it before. Not trying to end up crashed in the andes.

"The Government confirmed that those under 55 must also have their booster dose to access the Mobility Pass once the process progresses. "

If more people don’t start questioning the wea after that, Chile is indeed lost to the medical dictatorship. If they can demand you take a booster once or twice or who knows how many times per year for the rest of your life, what else will they decide for you and the children?

Back to the topic. We need reports on what is actually happening in regards to bus travel after October 31. My wife’s brother recently traveled to San Antonio and it was bus employees checking the paperwork. He has the “pass” and thus did not need the c19 (which goes away after October 31 for internal travel) but he had to wait aside along with 4 others till a Minsal stormtrooper gave them the go ahead.

So I can see a situation where the bus employees will be demanding “pass” or “neg PCR” for ALL even if the trip is less than 200 kms.