The show must go on

In our building there is an inner garden (patio/jardín interior). There is a swimming pool in the patio. As the “swimming pool season” started 2 days ago, one of the requirements is to “Contar con el pase de vacunación al día”.

So the administration has hired a special person whose duty is to control the above rule. And so they set up a tent in the patio where this person sits.

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I’d guess the salary is about our average concierge, like 400 mil pesos.

So not only I pay the maintenance of the garden, and the pool (included in the gastos comunes) but the salary of this very person whose only job is to prevent me from entry into this (now prohibited) paradise. Not to say I pay a free WiFi in the common area (lobby) where I cannot enter either.

This show must go on (and on and on and on).

Three lions, three tigers, three pumas and an orangutan from the Buin Zoo were the first animals to receive their first dose against the coronavirus in Latin America.

Last Monday, December 13, a historical event happened at Buin Zoo in the Metropolitan region. In the midst of the pandemic, 10 of their animals received the first dose of an experimental vaccine developed by the Zoetis veterinary laboratory against COVID-19.

This show must go on!

Antes de ser inoculados, los animales fueron entrenados para que recibieran la inyección de forma voluntaria

Honestly, I feel like if Pinochet were to rise from his grave tomorrow and put himself on the ballot paper for Sunday’s elections with a promise to “exterminate the unvaccinated traitors”, he would win in a landslide. There’s a deep irony in how the people who were smashing up the metro and burning down churches two years ago to protest against the “pacos” and “fachos” are now mindlessly falling in line and reporting their neighbours to the same “pacos” they were throwing rocks at for the “crime” of not wearing a mask or not having the correct “papeles”. Civil liberties really don’t seem to matter for the average Chilean anymore, they have very short memories.

Worldwide, it seems the left is where the most extreme COVID measures originate whereas the right tends to be not so drastic or even anti-drastic measure.

Both “ignore the Constitution” Daza and “short circuit” Izkia are dangerous. With commie puppet B in power, Izkia will probably be health minister with free reign. With Daza under JAK, there is a slight hope that JAK may see the light and be less restrictive (at least the promise that jabs will remain voluntary).

Yep, no logic there at all. A lot of people here self-appoint themselves as fiscalizadores and denunciantes to express malice and resentment, which are the same sentiments that trashed Santiago. They are the fools that want to turn Chile into East Germany, ca. 1965. What an unhappy country Chile is becoming!

The 77-year-old Russian communist leader Gennady Zyuganov is the #1 hard-core anti-vax leader in the country, openly calling the opponents fascists, as seen on national TV (yep, his words go uncensored even on TV, as he is an active leader), and his party has organized numerous protests against mandatory vaccinations and health passes.

Just FYI…

Regarding the promises, all and everyone make such promises until circumstances change, and so did Austria, Italy, Germany, and so did Greece, and so did Putin… I liked the quotation where the animals in the Zoo get the thingy voluntary

Good to know.

Well in this hemisphere, it is red state vs. blue state in the US and Bolso in Brasil.

Bleh. Bummer… but also not surprising. I hope you get to swim at least at some point… Maybe a midnight pool hopping trip is in order like the old high school days. Jump the fence and swan dive in then book it when the cops roll in.

Nah, closed condo, just a multa on your next gastos comunes and knowing looks and whispers from the sheeple vecinos.

FWIW, from a conspiracy oriented Telegram group.

Sin dudas con José Antonio Kast se puede llegar a un diálogo respecto de las vacunas y pase de movilidad. Por ejemplo, su señora estuvo en una charla de APSIIN CHILE y se mostró muy interesada y pidió le hicieran llegar más información, por otro lado el hijo recibió el informe CAMPRA que habla sobre lo tóxicas que son las vacunas por tener hidrógeno de grafeno y finalmente una de las personas de su equipo habló de permitir hacer debates al respecto (VACUNAS) por tanto hay más posibilidades con él. Boric riéndose dijo que todos deben vacunarse. Concluimos, la obligatoriedad de esta dictadura sanitaria es anti constitucional y atenta contra los derechos de libertad del ser humano, por un Chile libre y soberano.

Also , a lawyer on a Guardian de la Salud broadcast yesterday said that Kast in-person said that jabs would remain voluntary.

Will be interesting to see how the many hundreds of thousands with deactivated passes will react come January 1.

So unlike the lies of dickhead Paris (his finances should be analyzed for payoffs), thus far all 248 confirmed Omicron cases correspond to travelers with no known cases of community transmission meaning Paris’ claim this is an infection of the unvaccinated is total bunk.

Also, it appears the 1.2 million pureblood unjabbed in Chile will soon find their officially unjabbed category in the company of nearly 1.6 million persons more come January 1.

Casi 4 millones de rezagados podrían “perder” el Pase de Movilidad el 1 de enero

(Have not viewed the video) but I wonder where they got the 4 million number from as Minsal said 1.6 million? Wouldn’t be the first time a health authority played around with the numbers.

Cavei recomendó que vacuna no sea obligatoria

“La liberad debe ser respetada”, afirmó Bolsonaro en un mensaje de fin de año

I am bowing deeply to you today, brother — for your amazing courage, strength, patience and persistence, indeed you are the hero of the present time.

The show must go on till the actuary tables begin coming in (like right about now).

This Davison news conference was mentioned in several online editions, and their comments vary.

In the linked article, it is said that,

“The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago”

and also,

“the majority of ICU beds are not taken up by COVID-19 patients”

I don’t think I have enough Neuroderechos to make my own conclusions, nor to post them here.