Chile Economy on Brink of Recession Amid Rampant Inflation

More not-good news from Bloomberg.

More motivation for ending COVID measures and a Rechazo result, hopefully. :crossed_fingers:

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The overweight Ministra de Salud just announced the 5th shot for Chile. If 4 don’t work then 5 is even better. Line up sheeple.

As we are nearing the two year mark since mass vax (when it will become evident that oops, the vax kills and harms more than the 99.79999% survival rate of the SARS virus) and if APRUEBO wins, Chile’s health system will collapse. Economic impacts of an impaired workfor$e during stagflation…no idea.

Have they made it mandatory?

No, but the Pase and social pressure made it mandatory-like, pressure so intense that only 7% of Chile citizens and residents refused all shots including :raised_hand:.

For me Pase = mandatory. If they renew Alerta Sanitaria in September going into summer, there is no other explanation than them being on the take.

"parece indispensable fortalecer las medidas de ‘estímulo’ a la vacunación, así como la exigencia absoluta del ‘Pase de Movilidad’ para múltiples actividades (cines, aeropuertos, trenes, buses, supermercados, colegios, entre otros

Chile podría ser uno de los primeros países de la región en utilizar la vacuna bivalente


This Manuel José Irarrázaval dick is not from the government just to emphasize to those who may think this statement was from the Ministra or similar.

Canada’s health care system has almost collapsed. Emergency rooms are closing, in some places ambulance calls go unanswered. Last year tyrant Trudeau introduced into law a vax mandate that forced all medical personel to get the vax or lose their jobs. Many doctors, nurses and other medical practioners quit rather than take the vax. They went into private practice or took an early retirement. Now the health care system has effectively collapsed. I have been waiting 9 months to see a cardiologist. Provinces are vying with each other to get nurses and doctors to return, paying the premiums of private health care. They will be loosening immigration restrictions to permit more health professionals to come to Canada. The rolling closures of emergency rooms will only get worse as winter comes. I am guessing there was a higher compliance rate with medical professionals in Chile or did they not have vax mandates related to employment in the medical field?

True but I’m sure the government will follow his lead just like the Dems have been following Fauci for the last 18 months.

The statement she made about actively pursuing the non vax population is totally out of line. And I say that as a person who have no problem with the vaccine, but I think people should have a free choice.
I wonder when we they will drop the mask mandate, but fear it is a long way from happening…

Yeah. That comment was really messed up. It conjures up images of them showing up at peoples’ houses, pinning them down and giving them a vaccine. I agree it should be a choice. The mobility pass needs to go.

She has been soundly doxed on social media:

<Edited out 6 September 2022 as she is no longer the Health Minister, and I would have also edited this out if she had apologized or walked back her statements which this commie never did.>


Not the way to handle it, sadly. This will probably have the opposite effect of what whoever doxxed her was looking for.

Not appropriate to share those personal details on here either. You´re the one doxxing her now. That should be deleted.

She is a high income public servant being payed via our tax money and from that position was threatening 1.7 million + citizens and residents which is not only way out of line but unconstitutional.

If she makes an honest seeming apology, OK maybe even a Boric-type backflip, I will delete. Cat is already out of the bag and this is a screenshot not a link to a social media post where the text can easily be auto read and copied.

Not really doxing, all the info above is in the public domain.

Check out:

I’m in it and most everyone I know of here. The extreme left, Octubristas, Apruebo types have been using this info to cancel and threaten anyone who publicly has a different view to them for the past couple of years.

As our building requires to wear masks at all times, especially in elevators, I think I am the only one who disobeys. So it is always interesting to watch people’s reactions as the elevator door opens – and they are about to enter – and there is the unmasked monster inside!.. Almost always it feels like they have a high-voltage electrical shock…

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I hope not, but remember where things were just a year ago. The politicians, the conventional medical establishment from the WHO down to each country’s medical orgs and the mainstream media were whipping up such a hatred to the experimental shot refusers that many of the public were calling for their complete banishment and exclusion from society with some even wishing imprisonment and death.

If you dox someone then someone may go over to that person´s house and protest or to commit criminal activity. What about the innocent children living in the house? What about the next door neighbour and others living in the same building? There is a chance, however small, that your posting could lead to something bad happening that would not otherwise have happened.

It isn´t a defence to say the information is online. The more you share it, the more likely it reaches someone who will go and do something. The probability of an attack or protest will increase in proportion to the amount it is shared.

Just because the left also do it, doesn´t make it OK.

This trend of far left and far right hating each other is not good.

It seems to be getting worse. It probably has to do with Facebook and other social media and other internet sites. Echo chambers make lefties far lefties and right leaning people far right.

We no longer share the same reality (same TV stations and radio channels) that we used to.

You live in a world in which COVID is a really important issue while others living in Chile or maybe even the same street as you are living in an alternate version of reality where they aren´t thinking about it much at all.