Plebiscite Result

Early results from overseas.

Resultados preliminares en el extranjero: sube participación, Apruebo lidera y el Rechazo está obteniendo un porcentaje mayor que el de Kast

This honestly bemuses me. My experience is generally that expat communities tend to be quite libertarian in disposition. Why is Apruebo and left politics dominating in what are mostly conservative countries?

In the 1970s many leftists fleed Chile, would some of the voters be the descendents of those families, or have created more of a tradition of Chileans going abroad?

Chile has also been quite a right wing country from 1980s until 2019 which might have led more leftists to go abroad??

I speculate, I may be talking nonsense

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Live news updates.

Live results from SERVEL

It would make sense. Leftists have a habit of seeking refuge amongst those they hate. Reminds me of the African National Congress’s leadership going into exile in the UK and US rather than in the USSR.

Magallanes 60% rechazo with 64% of the vote counted
other regions with small % of vote counted

Magallanes voted for Boric I think over Kast if I recall correctly, so a noteworthy result

If the race is not close, we should see some clarity in about 30-60 minutes

Early counts have San Bernado and Quilicura between 57% and 59% Rechazo. Looking good, early doors.

6.4% counted now and Rechazo is at 62.96%.

even left leaning Santiago poor ish barrios are 50/50 or slight lean Rechazo
barrio alto is >80% Rechazo

OK they´ve counted less than 7% but why would early votes split one way

At the moment I think 90% chance for Rechazo win

Apruebo must start turning the results in its favour very soon…

23% counted and Rechazo is maintaining its levels at 62.98%.

Universal rejection across the regions.

48.01% counted and Rechazo is at 62.55%.

It’s over, red rover. I, for one, am relieved.

Now let’s see if Boric lacks the shame to call for another convention.

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Phew, at least the immediate threat has passed.
Now for another couple of years of political fighting while Chile continues to slide down the tubes.

CADEM predicted 45-55
Atlas Intel had 42-58 which was closer
Reality looks like it might end up 38-62, no pollsters had it that high

CADEM was off by quite a bit more than the previous elections in 2020-2021 where it was within 2 points in most cases

to sum up
a left wing constitution rejected by the centre and the right

left wing as usual failed with strategy

could have been a bit cuter in writing something that would have been somewhat lefty but still have passed

instead of writing the ultimate left wing wish list

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I guess we have to hope that things worsen economically over the next couple of years to discredit them even further and result in a second Rechazo vote.

Region with best result for Apruebo is RM with 45-55
the poor parts of Santiago are about 50-50

The southern regions excluding the far south are particularly heavy Rechazo regions,

Araucania and Ñuble are the highest percentage Rechazo at 74%

74% Araucania suggests to me that probably Mapuches , inspite of their new recognition being offered, must have been voting either Rechazo or fairly even, otherwise there´s no way the result could be that high

They voted Rechazo for the same reason they voted for Kast. The real Mapuches want to get on with their lives instead of being terrorized by a bunch of thugs who use the Mapuche cause as a flag of convenience to cover their terrorism.



Nice to see Chileans have regained their sanity , hopefully this result will confine the Octoburistas and Mapuche terrorists to the garbage can where they belong.

The whole relocation of voting centers did not help. It took 3 hours to go to both places. I am glad to have done it, though. There were too many flaws in the draft.