Boric Wins by a landslide

Every country gets the government it deserves.


Well, first of all,don’t panic if this wasn’t the result you wanted. There will be other elections, others with moderating power in society (and in the senate). There is almost no chance Chile will end up like Venezuela.

Looks like a lack of violence in response to the result as I predicted although the peaceful celebrations were larger than I expected.

We also seem to be seeing 2%-3% declines in the value of the peso and stock market, but we’ll have a clearer picture in a few hours, but it doesn’t look like a disaster. Just the type of movement that you see on a day to day basis. At least the market has clarity now.

It looks like the key was people turning out to vote that hadn’t voted in the first round. Boric has increased his popularity and it’s good to see a clear result rather than a 51-49 result that would have left the country divided, or even worse a 50.01-49.99 result that would have led to disputes about the vote counting.

All my repeated predictions of end 2019 and start 2020 on All Chile forum (in my former life as “Britkid”) that Chile had shifted to the left as a result of the social crisis have been proved decisively correct. I remember I took a lot of heat at the time and no-one believed me!

Got to admit I had a few doubts when Kast went into the lead in some polls a while back and even yesterday when Parisi published the results of his consultation. However in the end I see a chapter of history that began with an announcement about a 30 pesos fare increase and led to last night’s result.

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The country can be divided by this result into three regions.

  1. Amazing turnaround in the north. Boric won the north as well as centre this time.

  2. Kast still won in Maule, Nuble, Biobio and Araucania.

  3. But Boric won in Los Rios, Los Lagos, Aysen, Magallanes. After R1 he only led in Magallanes I think.

The main reason for the landslide was without doubt the much bigger turnout than in previous elections. Kast got the expected amount of votes, but Boric managed to get a lot of people to vote for him that normally do not vote. For the good of democracy, that is probably a good thing, IF the voters are making informed decisions…
I am much more concerned with how the asemblea constituyente will read this. If they see this as a “carte blanche” to write a very left wing constitution, because they know that no matter what, then the population will vote aprueba, things could get really hairy.

Kind of expected, I worried a bit about his confusing and youth-targeted message after the 1st round, but his 2nd round team was amazing: they changed the course of the campaign in less than a week (hence the “volteretas” complaints), produced top-notch digital content and flyers, and organized big volunteer teams all over the country, along with Izkia Siches’ bus tour across all regions.

Kast being a religious nutjob didn’t help the right at all, but a campaign like this had good chances even against Sebastian Sichel. Abandoning him and siding with a dictatorship apologist was a huge mistake, but they’re so disconnected from the rest of the country that they still couldn’t see it.

I don’t consider 45% anti as a landslide. But it is true that there are still checks and balances (50-50 Senate) but the CC backed by the Executive is the wildcard.

The rich Chileans, they can flee at whatever moment. Miami and non-resident banking in the USA is quite good.

The middle class and poor, well good luck weones, you should have gotten off your asses to cancel your spoiled brat kids vote.

No doubt a segment of the poor may indeed see things better initially before the macro-economics decide otherwise.

This will indeed be an interesting ride.


Any thoughts on the new president of the supreme court? A former commie loving lawyer who sided with Jara… Personally, I find the judges regardless of nation almost of more importance than a president as they hold the power to reject or solidify law… at the end of the day, a president is an extremely short-termed temporary government employee. Fours years is nothing, versus the supreme court justices in the US that have the post for LIFE.

Investors basically said “stop panicposting, people” :grinning:

So, it looks like they have let Jadue out of the basement they hid him in since he made those comments about Parisi’s voters!

Not a landslide. Not a shift to the left.

It is an easy mistake to make…a country is held hostage by the left that actually and truly are ready to slit the throat of the hostage (chile) and infact they already started sawing on the neck with a rusty butterknife in 2019. There is no doubt now everyone knows they will cut off their nose to spite their face if they dont get their way the way they want it when they want it.
They then ask the wounded hostage…

Left: Sooo are you voting for “our guy”?? Hmm? :japanese_ogre:

Hostage: “oh yes master, anything you say! Puhpuhplz dont cut my neck anymore or all my blood will gush out and i will be dead”.

Left: ah yes clearly the hostages have shifted to the left. Truly they have, in their heart of hearts. They actually love and appreciate us for cutting on their neck cause it helped them to see the truth. Its just so moving and wonderful :face_vomiting:

World is notified that the hostages actually like being hostages and now totally agree with the left and eveything has worked out for the best! Ah the beauty and majesty of democracy blah blah! :nauseated_face:

Meanwhile the hostages are still slaves to the violent minority

And yet…nearly 45% EVEN STILL didnt care that they were hostages facing death. They were like eff no you scumbags WE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOUR Leftist Bobblehead!!!

Who is that man sitting across from B?

Thinking it over, I believe Boric’s win is due to two promises. Firstly, the CLP $500.000 minimum wage. Which would actually be CLP $625.000 with the never-to-be-mentioned 25% gratificación legal. The other is the proposed reduction of the working week to 40 hours. All the rest of the much-mentioned “social demands” are neither here nor there.

In short, a populist and irresponsible electoral bribe. And as usual, the voters went for the money.

The result will be increased unemployment, many small businesses are barely hanging on as it is, and will be unable to pay more expensive personnel. And even more inflation is inevitable when increased labour costs are passed on to the consumer, in a Price/Wage spiral.

Boric and Co have refused to meet with the small business association, they are not interested in dealing with the PYMES who employ 60-odd percent of Chile’s workforce.
Its all part of a bigger plan.


I think it was the women vote. The initial error in declaring the end of the Women’s Ministry and the left successfully propagandizing inaccurately that he was against help for single mothers (lot of them in Chile possibly the majority for decades) favoring help for married women and that he would abolish abortion on top of being a nut job of a misogynist religion.

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I found an article in English on Boric that I think is actually both balanced and accurate:

"Will Boric succeed?

To be honest, I’m not sure anyone can. Chile’s next president will have to meet society’s demands for a more Scandinavian-style state, without scaring off the big capital and investments needed to pay for it."

I love the chronic illogical references to the Nordic Model here in Chile. If you moved every Chilean to say, Norway, where all the Norwegians were gone, the society would collapse within the week… You could have the Nordic Model here, but one giant point is over looked is that they. are. not. nordic… Would steal and spray paint everything to the point of nonrecognition by Wednesday afternoon.


My theory: Chile is a very young country compared to Europe or North America. Young people, me included, vote predominantly left, and Boric is not even a “far-left” option for us – lots of people who voted for him actually dislike him for being “amarillo” and moving to the center.

Wow every country posted above. More left than right aged 0-45. More right than left aged 50-100 in every bracket.

Spain is a bit slow at 50 for the shift to right, but then it maintains the trend

Hmm…so what do all these 50-100 year olds know about right that the 0-50 dont seem to know



Mod of a famous quote:

If you’re not a liberal when you’re under 45, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 45, you have no brain.


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The Red Scare from the cold war times :wink:
As someone who was literally born in the USSR, I consider the panic about “communists” here being blown completely out of proportion. The Chilean communist party has always been a democratic one and it mostly fights for boring social-democratic policies – nothing revolutionary if you ask me.

But local leftists aren’t liberals, people like Briones are liberals. Also, this quote implies you have to become cynical about making the world a better place and opt out for the status quo to defend what you’ve gained materially – something modern young people won’t do because, compared to the previous generations, they have little wealth thanks to the globalized neoliberal model that was enforced since the 70s-80s in most countries.

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For me, what the saying means is when you are young you are open minded towards all possibilities. As you mature you see the problems associated with many of those possibilities as they play out. You then go into a risk benefit analysis and discount the benefits while at the same time augmenting the risks of most things. Look at older drivers, they go slow and react to every movement on the road as a very real threat to their lives while the younger drivers speed around changing lanes, tailgating and braking hard all the time. The older driver has seen many bad things on the road and the younger driver has not.

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