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Appears one can change one’s vote if desired.

Since with this latest attempt, approval may be the lesser evil, (dependent on the final text), would it be possible to add an “undecided” choice to the poll?

Done :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:

I will be out of the country at the time of the vote. I called to ask about this. Here is what I was told:

  1. I cannot vote.
  2. I should not try to explain in advance that I can´t vote.
  3. If someone contacts me to try and make me explain why I didn´t vote, or fine me, or whatever, I explain myself when this happens. And presumably I will be let off, possibly show evidence like passport stamps or plane tickets.

@Mendocino, that is partly correct. Keep evidence of your being out of the country, even though that evidence is normally in the PDI’s database and readily accessible.

I was outside of Chile for the first plebiscite vote. Prior to travel outside the country some time before that vote, I quizzed the national elections office by email (to have a record) and explained my plans. I kept a copy of the response which indicated that I could not vote outside the country and that I would not be obligated or penalized under the “mandatory” nature of the voting. There were no questions or problems subsequently, no allegations of fines or similar. No… nothing.

As far as how I would vote this coming December, the decision is pending seeing a complete text of the proposed new constitution. I suspect that a proper reading will require a pint or two.

However, if the proposed constitution is generally acceptable, there may be an argument to vote to approve it. If the usual nutters can refer to the present document as the “Pinochet Constitution” then a replacement that includes no serious fouls and keeps the essentially good parts of it can be justifiably known as the “Boric Constitution.”

Oh, the irony.

" I suspect that a proper reading will require a pint or two."
before or after reading :grinning:

Most certainly a number of pints will be needed after the next reading (I suffered mightily after reading the initial draft).

I changed my vote from undecided to apruebo. The final text is due to be presented next week, and barring radical changes, it seems by all accounts to be quite reasonable, unlike the mamarracho power grab the lefties tried to foist on Chile the last time.

The great mass of the voters are fed up this whole process, perhaps belatedly realizing that this whole business was nothing more than an attempted bloodless coup, and perhaps finally understanding that any constitutional reform will not magically improve their lot.

This latest attempt, if approved, at least offers some form of closure to a pointless and destructive process that has gone on far too long.

Although some right-wingers like Teresa Marinovic together with the commies call for rejecting this latest attempt, (obviously for quite distinct reasons :slightly_smiling_face: ) the apruebo option seems to be gathering momentum.

But along with Marinovic, I don’t believe the lefties will give up their attempts to set up a non-democratic - ie, a communist - state even if apruebo wins.
And that, finally, is being seen as the cause for the so-called estallido social and all this other re-foundational and destructive bs we have suffered over the past four years.


So chile!

In other words…speak no evil and stfu, but If any functionario comes be ready with a story and a stack of bs paperwork to knock the socks off his pisco and coke. Job done

The dignity of humanity is inviolable.

What more needs to be said after that opening?

That dignity is clearly negotiable.

The proposed new constitution can be found here

Once again, with the exceptions of the first two chapters, most of the text defines the way the state is supposed to function, and is of little relevance to everyday life.

This whole issue was one big Tongo from the start, initiated by crypto-commie Bachelet, then by the commies and their allies to facilitate their golpe no tradicional, as Piñera put it.

And as far as I can see this latest attempt is an unexceptionable return to common sense.


If he doesn’t like it, it must be good. Apruebo!

Well this conservarive raises some interesting points…mostly that taking the pragmatic apruebo route is short sighted because the proposed text contains alot of vague terms that will simply end up before the leftist constitutional court that will then prescribe a leftist definition. He also raises the legitimacy concerns I have raised. There should have been a second entry plebiscite again undermining this even if it passes

Really torn between presumed pragmatism and obvious principle.

This whole thing feels rushed and illegitimate and everyone around is saying “its okay, just approve it, and we will be okay”

But im less sure now

cuando tienes a Daniel Jadue llamando a votar en contra, para abrir un tercer proceso con una asamblea popular 100%, de verdad me cuesta entender que alguien pueda todavía sostener su voto ‘En contra’ sin atender a las consecuencias

That’s the longer-term view:
The next president of Chile will probably be from the Right/Centre-Right. If this second attempt is rejected, the extreme Left will orchestrate another estallido social whose bandera de lucha will be a New Constitution, just like the last time. An Apruebo vote at least removes that excuse, of course they can always find other ones.

I would hope that presidential right-wing candidates are already at least considering a damage-limitation strategy especially since the country hasn’t recovered from the last one.

It has been pointed out innumerable times that the constitution is just a piece of paper.
As Mosciatti says at the conclusion of his latest dismal catalogue of woe:

los problemas de Chile son mas culturales que normativos


Remember, one can change their vote before the poll closes on December 17.

The text:

BUMP. Three weeks to go.

Scroll to first post for poll.

One can change one’s vote if desired.

“F**k Them” is the blunt message in this Apruebo spot, referring to the instigators of the October 2019 attempted coup, the so-called estallido social, whose destructive effects continue to this day.

Will Chileans come to their senses at last?

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