Javier M next door

This prez candidate of Argentina seems to scare the interviewer with his sounding off. Wow he is really on fire against the left. If he gets elected in Argentina it is going to be a game changer


Javier M interview

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Latest poll shows he can win in the first round next month. Very shocking for the Peronists and the establishment right center in Argie.

Tucker Carlson’s interview with him this weekend comes out on Twitter in a few days.


The Guardian newspaper in the UK were freaking out about him a few weeks ago, labelling him “far-right”, a “Trump admirer” and a “former tantric sex coach”, these sort of panicked hit jobs from the Left seem to suggest that they fear he might win, let’s see what happens.

Why is it that every person who is “right” cannot simply be “right”, but FAR-right while a “far” left is never on a headline?


Preview to tomorrow’s interview release:


The Economist interviewed him at length and translated it into English and published it here

This happens when you are reading left wing media that is trying to smear the right. In right wing media you get the exact opposite.

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I watched the video you posted. It’s immediately obvious that he is an immoral dangerous idiot who is unfit for office.

I would say the same thing if he was a left winger saying the same things about the right. Just like I did when I criticised Pamela Jiles and Jadue and La lista del Pueblo who all would have been really bad and divisive for Chile.

The right wing bias on this forum is really severe if you can’t see that. To any of you that can’t see that, you have got yourself in a troubling place. I’m slightly tempted just to finally give up on the forum and leave after seeing this post.

Saying your opponents are violent is just an excuse for violence yourself.

People like him will lead to division and cause harm for society.

You are not going to listen to just me but I wonder if @feargle could comment on what he thinks of Milei.

Have a look at the Economist interview if you want to see him pretending (and failing) to be an intellectual but this video shows who is really is.

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Well, since you asked, I think Argentina deserves a Milei. He’s a symptom of mass disillusion with many years of “free lunch” corrupt governments. A downward spiral that was initiated by another demagogue, Juan Domingo Perón.

Argentina has not been a “serious” nation since the 1930s, and I couldn’t really give a hoot about what happens there.

Incidentally that Economist interview is behind a paywall, but can be accessed in Google’s cache.

Just to clarify, this thread isn’t about Biden or Boric

I’m no Milei fan. Some of his ideas are way out there. However, I can see why people in Argentina are voting for him. With as many disastrous governments as they have had, I’m sure plenty of people feel like he can’t be any worse and it may be worth giving him a try.

Its actually in Chile’s better interests for Argentina to continue to do poorly. That way they have no energy, or money, to indulge in expansionist experiments.
Just as well, given the pathetic level of diplomatic expertise shown by the present Chilean government, or at least until van Klaveren was appointed.

Especially since the USA authorized the transfer to Argie of 38 F-16s.

Who is the Argentina that deserves it?

The poor people and middle class of argentina certainly do not deserve to be robbed.

Perhaps some effigy of the past/present Argentina goverment deserves it?

Because no human deserves to be subject to continual and repeated failure, mandated thievery, and legislative exploitation.

The Voters!
They actually had a brief fit of rationality when they voted for Macri, but that didn’t last too long.
Every country has the government it deserves, and Chile is no exception either.

There are many voters, who election after election vote but their issue or candidate does not win. Perhaps because of systemic corruption. Perhaps because they are consistently at odds with the majority. Certainly those do not deserve it when they do not have the means to uproot and re-citizen themselves somewhere.

I understand this blanket platitude but it is misplaced.

And here it is the Tuck C interview:


And for those who missed my post from the other day, the Tuck C short video on the current economic situation in Argentina as a preview to the above interview:


Make of this what you will…

Milei could win by combining the right wing vote with the “f*ck you, establishment and elites vote” a la Trump. I don´t have as good a knowledge of Argentinian politics as some of you, but I get that things have been going bad there, but voting for someone even worse can´t be the solution.

I watched a few sections of the Tucker interview and I think Milei really does merit “far” right. I think he is more to the right than other populist right wingers of recent years like Trump, Boris Johnson and Bolsnaro. He makes Jose Antonio Kast in Chile look like a sensible, centrist moderate.

If power in Argentina was split between Milei and a similarly angry, far left candidate, you´d get war. If everyone in the world was like Milei in their attitude and anger, you´d have the collapse of civilization.

Milei reminds me of Jordan Peterson in the US. He´s the stupid person /average person´s intellectual who can come across as an intellectual to people who are not very educated or aren´t paying close attention. I can clearly see his obvious lack of basic intelligence, his pretension to having some intellectual ideas is obviously fake. But I wonder how many others can see it.

It´s weird how the middle has fallen out of politics and everyone is forced to choose between lefty Boric or righty Kast. We´ve seen this dynamic play out in so many countries in South America or the world.

You either chose “death to socialism” or “the state must provide everything to everyone for free”. We need more centrist candidates.

On the one hand the time is ripe for someone like Milei to win in Argentina, a right non establishment candidate. On the other hand he may just be too mad and aggressive for people to stomach. So who knows?

I can´t see as many woman voting for him. He looks like the kind of person women would feel a little uncomfortable to be alone with.

It is the “poor” that keep Argentina in its predicament, since they tend to vote for Peronismo/Kirchnerismo in order to get their “social plans” and revenue-robbing make-work government jobs. So yes, ironically or otherwise, they get the [failed] government that they deserve for having elected and supported it. They are not without responsibility and blame. You vote your bed, you lie in it.