Way to go, Milei

Ex-president Cristina Fernandez Kirchner can only gnash her teeth and rail at the injustice of fortune, as shale technology and the global commodity cycle deliver nicely for her mortal political foe.

“Milei’s plan is not anarcho-capitalism, it is anarcho-colonial. The recovery strategy is now clear: it’s oil, gas, mines, and grains. He wants to turn Argentina into an extraction country for raw materials. This pre-capitalism takes us back to the days of the Viceroyalty,” she said.

What else can Argentina (and Chile) do to bring money into the country? In Chile’s case, its only capitalism in the form of Copper exports that allows the country to tolerate the current mismanagement, even though the Boric government continues to bite the hand that feeds it - just like Christina Kirchner.

Yes indeedy…Argentina is my backup plan!

The “Woke” philosophy: like Christina, they’re against “extractivism” but not against usurping private property. Or covering it with ugly grafitti.