Javier M next door

I thought that this campaign photo of Milei with a chainsaw provides a useful metaphor for his intentions. And given the wildly emotional nature of the Argentines and the disaster that their nation has become, it is easy to see how this can be appealing.

Bearing in mind what happened to Nisman, Milei would do well to engage some serious protection.

Look at the US. People there that voted for years for Ron Paul or Ralph Nader or Independent…instead of picking the lesser of 2 evils Republican or Democrat.

Those voters certainly do not “deserve” the absolute mess that the republicans and democrats have foisted on the US in the last several decades

It is not reasonable to generalise and pin the blame on “every voter” with this platitude. It is logically fallacious at best. At worst it is like seeking to rationlize evil in the world or bad things happening to good people with reincarnation (well they must have deserved it somehow or someway…they must not have really been good people)

Somebody wants to blame the person who voted Democrat or Republican or Peronist every election…fine blame those voters with the “they deserve it” pejorative.

Not the voters who have voted against the shenanigans and parties every step of the way.
They exist in every country

As a class or bloc, the “poor” in Argentina – or lower socioeconomic classes if you prefer – who have endlessly supported Peronism, knowing it to be demonstrably corrupt, bear a large part of the responsibility for Argentina being in its current straits. That is the nature of this democracy thing.


An interesting policy platform for Milei, which has the usual peronistas apoplectic and suggests that the media characterization of “right wing” is not accurate.

Milei has selected Diana Mondino for a likely foreign minister slot if he wins the presidential competition and isn’t assassinated first. Mondino takes issue with the usual imperialistic and aggressive Argentine policy toward the Falkland Islanders, saying that – gasp!!-- the rights of the islanders must be respected. And Milei has seconded that policy, something certain to reduce some of his popularity with the old guard in Argentina, who view that as heretical and tantamount to treason.

Which brings us to the question of what sectors of the population are most supportive of Milei?
Interestingly, many of those who previously had been peronismo’s biggest fans but are now disenchanted (to say the least) with its increasingly profound economic failures. In earlier surveys, Milei resounded with those under 30, the lower middle class, and a certain portion of the urban poor. If such a trend continues and solidifies in that demographic, Milei may very well get the support he needs for a true upset in the elections.

Interesting read:


Javier M appears to have won!

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Milei inaugurated. But not without incidents.


“Ningún gobierno ha recibido una herencia peor que la que estamos recibiendo nosotros” (“No government has received a worse inheritance than the one we are receiving.”)

Prominent Chilean writer and attorney Axel Kaiser had this to say about the change, and what Peronism/Kirchnerism was and what it leaves as their legacy.

Son un grupo de delincuentes que ha sido derrotado de manera catastrófica en las últimas elecciones, además por la persona y el conjunto de ideas más radicalmente opuesto a lo que ellos piensan y lo que ellos han hecho. En consecuencia, salen humillados, esa es la verdad. Dejan un país en cenizas y salen humillados. – (“They are a bunch of criminals who have been catastrophically defeated in the last elections, and by the person and the set of ideas most radically opposed to what they think, and what they have done. Now they come out of this humiliated, and that is the truth. They leave a country in ashes, and they leave humiliated.” )

He dicho.

Zelensky showed up for the inaugeration. Very surprised that he was able to afford the time and money to fly to Argentina, though admittedly this is a once in a lifetime/century event

I was surprised to see Zelensky there too. Although, he headed to the US to ask for more money afterwards, so I guess it sort of made sendse to stop off in Argentina first. More so than if he had only gone to Argentina and gone directly back to Ukraine, at least.

Boric looked really annoyed at how chummy Milei and Zelensky were being. It’s like Zelensky replaced him. He always seems to want to be buddies with Zelensky.

Javier M has done something that almost never happens with politicians.

He did what he said he would do before getting elected exactly when he said he would do it

First day…the very first day. He dissolved slashed 21 ministries to 9. Wow


Be careful. What Milei did was certainly positive in trying to eliminate the fluff in the bloated ministries, but what is happening is that many of the functions of the agencies deleted are being absorbed by a new “superministry.” On the whole it will likely still be better. The stock market in Argentina is certainly happy with the promise of a Milei government.

As far as Zelensky visiting Milei: Zelensky is Jewish and Milei is studying to become Jewish. This has been a much discussed topic in both Israel and Argentina.

The argie peso is now worth less than the CLP.

And yes, Comrade Boric looked like a sort of third wheel with a punctured tire. Like a vegan at a parillada. Perhaps he knows where he is not welcome. And his long-time girlfriend left him as well. So sad.


Did not know he was in a prior longterm relationship, before Fatima Flores. Seeing the press photos of their recent opera outing in BA made me think that she is probably is not interested much in converting along with JM

I was referring to Comrade Boric’s former polola, Irina Karamanos. She is a radical feminist suspected of involvement in vandalism in violent disturbances in Punta Arenas in recent years.

Hey, now, Irina did try to help Boric out of the kids’ slide in Punta Arenas when he got stuck! She did something good for the city.

Poor Boric sure did look like a third wheel.

So, now I guess Irina broke up with the Chilean people? One of her weird past statements that were she and Boric were in polyamorous relationship with Chile. I guess the polyamor is over and we need to eat ice cream and watch sad movies! :rofl:

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Ah yes of course!

All y’all may have seen the news about the 50 percent devaluation of the Argentine peso. Under the peronists the ARS was stupidly and artificially over-valued and the new move by Milei merely accepts the reality of its miserable value on the free market.

This article also discusses the informal dollarization that has been practiced for some time.

Milei’s government anticipates violent responses from the unions and other players and has promised harsh measures to control unlawful demonstrations. How curious to see in Argentina measures that are much needed in Chile.