Chile prognosis

In Canada at this time and still hearing of the exploding crime waves in Chile. A shopowner here married a Chilean and she brought her family to Canada 20 years ago but they hear horror stories from friends and relatives still in Chile. Nobody feels safe. All are in a constant state of low to high level stress.

When in Chile I noticed the background music on many news stations deliberately heightening the stress of the viewer. Why??? Because fear is a control mechanism? To what end?

With the policies of the last 3 leaders, it seems criminals are given a get out of jail pass and immigrants are allowed to take over the oountry’s burgeoning crime industry. It seems like a concerted effort to make Chile into a failed state.

Being a logical person, I am wondering who is going to benefit from this blatant destruction of a country?

How much more can Boric do before people want another Pinochet?

What future scenarios do you see?

I no longer have an answer. The People rejected what would have been the best right-centrist compromise to their actual present problems and issues and voted with the far right and far left against their own interests.

Two years till a presidential election is too long. Chile is fucked.

All your eggs should be and always should have been diversified for this eventuality.

Not to say in chaos there may be opportunity. I think Chile has already shown there is a core silent majority of the middle and working class that didn’t exist at the time of the Allende commies and socialists.

Thank you eeuu, there is a modicum of hope there. In other countries, bad leaders get ousted, You don’t see the people angry enough to demand a snap election?

Property sales were booming when I was there in 2022, is that still the case or has that tapered off?

As I have pointed out since 2019 here, and elsewhere, its all part and parcel of a plan to re-establish Chile as a Marxist state. The country has fallen into bad hands and Chileans are still too dumb to realize that yet.

A lot of the justice system has to do with how the judges are trained and operate rather than who is in La Moneda. As my lawyer husband loves to say, they are taught to be pro delincuente. However, this current government with their pardons and pensions for the “victims” of the estallido, and general lack of concern for how ordinary citizens are being impacted sure doesn’t help.

The Chilean justice system, like every other institution here is politicized. and was penetrated by the Left a long time ago.

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Chaos in Ecuador recently, as armed gangs storm universities and interrupt a live TV broadcast threatening the presenters with guns, as a high-profile drug trafficker escapes from prison. These are the sort of scenes I wouldn’t be surprised to see in Chile in the next few years, as the same problems as in Ecuador are present: massive increase in gang violence/drug violence due to foreign groups, fuelled by mass immigration and lax visa laws, clueless leftist president who cares more about the "human rights " of criminals than protecting his own people from their violence, a corrupt judiciary who are soft on crime, Ecuador could well be a mirror into Chile’s future.


The potential establishment of Drug Cartels and the presence of foreign criminals is compounded by another destabilizing factor; the use of migration as a weapon.

Castro did this in the 80s with the Marielitos, and it seems as if Maduro is doing the same - exporting delinquency, neatly killing two birds with one stone by getting rid of domestic criminals who then go on to cause problems in what Maduro regards as “unfriendly” nations like Peru and Chile.

Chile is still a tempting target for criminals compared to basket-case Venezuela. But don’t expect this government to do much about it.

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I always imagine Maduro seeing what is happening, here, in Peru, and Ecuador and laughing about how he is contributing to destabilizing a significant portion of the continent. I read recently that he was bragging about how crime in Venezuela is down. Hmm, I wonder why that would be?

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