Entry requirements for tourism after Nov. 1?

Am tracking recent announcements made locally (announced on local news.) Good news… can leave quarantine after getting negative PCR test. (Gotta have vaccine, insurance, paperwork etc.) Tests administered at airport… then travelers must quarantine awaiting results.
Anybody else seen “official” announcement? Remains to be seen what the test turnaround time would be during the high tourist season.

Yes, the links were also posted on TA Chile forum.


Scroll down to:

"Actualización Plan Fronteras Protegidas

Desde el 1 de noviembre"

And click on:

“Revisa las medidas”

This does NOT detail airport PCR test to shorten 5 day cuarentena. For visitors, its a big difference between a 12-hour to 2 day quarantine, and 5 full days. So looking for detail, confirmation. Also hearing rumors of need to 3rd dose (or quarantine goes longer), and also that vacuna proof submittal process taking up to 2 weeks to process. &#&$^
Moving in right direction, but still would factor into many people’s willingness to travel. So any confirmed info is helpful, and then reports from visitors in November about how long test processing is.

Point 2d does say:

“Al ingresar al país deberán mantenerse en aislamiento hasta tener el resultado del test PCR realizado luego de entrar a Chile.”

Of course no one knows what the average turnaround time will be but this confirms quarantine till airport test results.

Cannot say more on the need for boosters for the green pass. Yes a new complication, but one can follow the internal news on the relation between booster shots and the Pase de Movilidad for citizens and residents to get a heads up on changes.

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