Travel in the time of Covid

Perhaps we can share information about travel restrictions, where to get passes etc. Has anyone arrived on an international flight recently? Any info on the arrival process, how long it took, was it for a tourist or permanent resident, forms required, where to apply online for the pass etc would be helpful.

I expect to arrive from Canada in January. I have a government document en ingles, saying I have had the two shots of Moderna. Has anyone got the PCR test at the airport in Toronto? Can you get a test where they don’t stick something up your nose? All helpful links appreciated. Gracias

See below.

I was looking into the entry requirements just a week or two ago in anticipation of the border re-opening, and as far as I could tell at the time there wasn’t going to be a requirement to isolate upon arrival, provided one had proof of vaccination and PCR test. That seems to have changed now - if I’m reading this correctly, all arrivals are required to isolate for a week regardless of vaccination status, which is pretty ridiculous in my opinion.

Like the OP, I was also planning on a January visit, but that seems like it will be out of the question until this isolation requirement is lifted. Might just bide my time in Arg. until things (hopefully) change. Very disappointing.

Ummm, read again. The seven day quarantine only applies to those without a approval of vaccines and ONLY applies to residents and citizens, their direct family or special situations (see next line) NOT non-resident tourists.

Non-resident tourists without the approval cannot enter Chile except for certain exceptions: aircrew, diplomats, direct family members of residents and citizens or special permission situations from the Chilean consulate.

And for all, the quarantine for those with approval is only isolation till PCR negative result is in. So where are you getting this one week quarantine?

1. Strict Isolation at Declared Domicile

  • People with a Mobility Pass (validation by the Ministry of Health of vaccines received abroad)
  • 5 days of isolation: 120 hours from the sanitary customs control at the point of entry into the country.
  • People without a Mobility Pass (Only for non-resident foreigners who comply with an exception listed in the second article of Decree 102 of 2020 of the Ministry of the Interior -
  • 7 days of isolation: 168 hours counted from the sanitary customs control at the point of entry into the country.

  • A negative result of the PCR test carried out at the airport does NOT allow the end of the isolation period.

Maybe I’m reading this incorrectly, but it seems to say that those with the mevacuno Mobility Pass are still required to isolate for 5 days, and all others must do so for 7 days. It explicitly states that the PCR negative result DOES NOT end the isolation period.

See below.

I did read the site you linked. That is where I got the information I quoted in my last post.

If you read closely, you will see that the bit about “isolation may be anticipated by obtaining neg PCR test” appears only under the section pertaining to Chilean citizens and residents. There is no such clause in the section that applies to non-residents, where it instead states: A negative result of the PCR test carried out at the airport does NOT allow the end of the isolation period. Un resultado negativo del test PCR realizado en el aeropuerto NO permite terminar el periodo de aislamiento.

Are you certain the 12 hour (mas o menos) end of isolation is true for foreigners also? I don’t doubt that you are better informed about this than I am, but this site seems to say otherwise.

EDIT: Looking more closely at the Spanish version, I see that clause does exist for foreigners. It just seems to have been omitted in the English translation.

I have edited my posts, the correct link as always for Chile is in Spanish:

If you do not believe me, check out the tourists that have been posting on the TripAdvisor forum about their entry experiences since November 1.

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Thank you all. The concept is still not clear

With permanencia definitiva and a completed “Declaración Jurada de Viajeros”
if my covid test is okay, do I still need a paso de movilidad?

Do I still need isolation?
Can I go straight home from the airport (4 hours by car)?
Can my neighbor pick me up at the airport and drive me home?


Pase de Movilidad allows for the use of public transport - air, bus when traveling between regions more than 200 kms. It is also required to to dine indoors in restaurants, for large events, etc. It will require an approved booster starting December 1.

There are two arrival possibilities with the Pase.

-Pase with approved jab scheme, no booster - you must submit to arrival PCR test and then can go directly home and isolate till you receive the negative test result.

-Pase with approved jab scheme and approved booster - you are literally free, thank the medical gods.

Without a Pase de Movilidad, you will be subject to 5 days quarantine on return and must use private transport. Anyone else you share the car with must also quarantine as soon as they arrive home. This applies to everyone living in the same house.


thanks eeuu

As mentioned elsewhere, then for now you still have to do the PCR at arrival and wait for the result.
from 1st of December no PCR needed if you have 3 jabs.
Arrived last week from abroad

thanks scandinavian, how long is the wait for results? Is there a designated waiting area? Travelling with 92 year old Mom so trying to find the easiest method to get home to Chile

Until November 30, it is isolate till negative test result is in WITH approved vac. You can return home in private vehicle and wait for the results there but if it’s more than two hours from SCL, everyone in the vehicle must also isolate.

As EEUU says, then you can go home and wait. Everybody in the household will have to enter into quarantine while you wait (and continue so if you test positive).

It would appear that from Dec 1 fully vaccinated with Pase Movilidad can travel on without awaiting result of airport covid test. Am I mistaken in my interpretation?

Starting Dec 1, if you have a fully approved jab + booster, you do not have to take an arrival PCR test at all and will be free.

If not, as a resident (and I am assuming you are 45 years or more), your Pase will be no vigente and you will have to do the arrival test but are free to take private transport to your isolation residence and wait for the result there.

Just a heads-up, COVID vaccinations are shut down by the Chilean army until Wednesday next week.

This information is from Valdivia.

Editing to add:

“Hi dad I went to get vaccinated in the morning and I was surprised at the empty parking lot at the stadium and when I went to ask there was only army guys there and they told me they’d shut down vaccinations because of elections until around Wednesday next week”

Just flew into Pudahuel – Santiago airport. No one so much as asked about COVID or vaccination status. As if it had never been a thing.