My COVID experience

At the start of February, I started feeling unwell with the classic COVID symptoms. I guess I got it from my wife, who is fully vaccinated, and had only felt run down for a couple of days. Me, completely unvaccinated due to a deep contempt for Chilean medical bureaucracy, got it big style. It didn’t help that we were working 18-hour days in our busiest summer ever. I self-isolated by going to bed and staying there. After a few days of misery, including hawking up blood, and minor breathing difficulties, my wife got worried. The consensus was not to go to the public health services as there were stories of older folk being left unattended in order to prioritize younger patients, while private clinics often don’t have the equipment or staff to treat patients properly.
Eventually, she found a Doctor to make home visits; and she prescribed a bunch of remedies that seem to have worked.
Two weeks after the worst, I’m almost back to normal.

All I have to add is that from an economic pov, its cheaper to get the jabs… and probably less unpleasant if you do get sick. Prevention is better than cure.

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Thank you for that @feargle. I am happy to hear that you are doing much better.

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Good to hear you are almost back to normal.

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Welcome back and you at least now have long-lasting wide-spectrum natural immunity. Did you lose taste and/or smell?

Interested in the meds the doc prescribed. If you can find the receta, please list. It is good that you did not go to the hospital as the outcome may have been irreversible as they cannot use or try different things outside of forced breathing and deadly resmidivir. Then there are the issues of errors and other medical malfeasance.

One can buy ivermectin all over Chile at vet type places. We have almost a thousand doses and dole then out to our panicking acquaintences. Pm me for an oral protocol to use it. Several of our friends have used it successfully to get well at home in a couple days. 200 doses for 10 luca isnt bad.

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Bought my supply months ago. Used two doses recently when my wife became an extended contact. Never came down with any symptoms. Will probably take a once per month or multi-week dose as a protective measure now that the applicator has been opened and in the fridge.

Did have some sneezing and minimal nose drip and stomach upset recently and it may very well have been Omicron doing its immune reinforcing thingy.

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Mem, the fact that someone takes medicine and then gets better is not evidence that the medicine worked. For the simple reason that the body naturally cures itself of most stuff on its own, its a natural cycle that you take medicine at the peak of the illness and you were often going to get better anyway.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take medicine, of course.

But it does mean relying on mainstream science is the best course of action - not what happened to a few friends.

Of course, mainstream science advice on COVID has changed and made some mistakes, understandably causing some concern amongst some people. My view is that mainstream science seems to work best when they can slowly and carefully come to conclusions over years, less so when they are under time pressure. However their imperfect, rushed advice is still going to be better than anything else.

It looks like ivermectin doesn’t do a lot if anything for COVID. I haven’t looked into this in depth and I’m not going to, but I think when there is a strong mainstream science consensus that will most likely beat my own judgement from googling some random opinion.

It’s probably harmless or may even have some beneficial placebo effect, so it probably doesn’t matter whether people take it or not.

But its existence shouldn’t be used as a substitute for vaccination. I’d recommend the vaccination for almost everyone as the benefits likely outweigh any downside on average.

Stay safe everyone.

Cases are going down. Hopefully we are moving into a phase where things will be 3/4 back to normal.

EDIT: When I said ivermectin is “probably harmless” I am just assuming that since I haven´t heard otherwise. I probably shouldn´t have said that, I don´t really have any knowledge.

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Thanks, all, for the kind words, it’s much appreciated.

@eeuunikkeiexpat, yes I had a varied range of unpleasant symptoms, including loss of taste and smell, intermittent fever, nocturnal deliriums, nausea, vertigo, shortness of breath, spitting out blood, and worst of all a loss of mental capacity and memory which made the administrative tasks I tried to continue to do quite difficult.

Regarding the various stuff I was dosed with, as well as Paracetamol and Mega Vitamins: Salbutamol, Atrovent, Amoxilina, Betamersona, Budesonida, some of these may be trade names, and I may have missed some.

What I most regret is that by selfishly ignoring the possibility of getting sick, all the work I normally do was dumped onto my poor wife, luckily some relatives arrived to help her cope, she was at her wits end for a few days.

And after all that, I guess I will still have to get the whole series of shots if I want a mobility pass…and my wife and this doctor seized the opportunity to submit me to a battery of tests for underlying health problems. Its no fun getting old.

Thanks for the list. I have seen and read about those meds in the COVID treatment protocols used by doctors outside of hospitals. Were the vitamins and minerals, D3, C, zinc, quercetin? The only thing missing seems to be human pharmacy prescribed Ivermectina but perhaps Chile docs are under orders not to use it.

My 2 hijastras (jabbed), nieta (jabbed), nieto (unjabbed), wife (unjabbed) caught some kind of strong flu in Santiago. When the wife came for the weekend at the tail end of her gripe she obviously transmitted something to me. Only the nieta was tested for COVID which was negative while the rest were not tested and rode it out in Santiago and all got better except for the nieto who seemed to have some kind of extended throat infection and his antigen yesterday came back positive.

For the recovering nieto, it is overall more like a light flu. If the test was true, he now has natural immunity.

As for me, I felt the sensation in the throat and upper chest that something was about to come and try to kick my ass if I did not take active measures immediately. Hit it with ivermectin, vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, quercetin, and NAC and actually beat it within three days before it took hold. Still wondering if it was COVID virus or not…

Glad you’re better feargle I got the second Moderna jab in June 2021 and within a few days developed sharp stabbing pains in my heart. I was moving at the time so I attributed it to stress. A month later they continued and I developed arrythmias and high blood pressure. I had no heart issues before the second jab.

A few months after the second jab stories started to surface in alt news sites about myocarditis, none on the major networks. Young boys or young men seemed most affected according to the limited reporting the major networks finally gave. I am in Canada, and I took the jabs so I could return to Chile. Finally went to the doc and told him my suspicions. He scoffed at the rumors of myocarditis because they weren’t on the major networks. But he ordered some tests and found elevated DDimers levels and the arrythmias and dyspnea. Still wouldn’t diagnose myocarditis but strongly urged me to postpone my return trip until I could see a cardiologist and get a definitive diagnosis. That was in January. Strangely, all the cardiologists are booked and the waiting time is three months at least. Wonder why all the cardiologists are busy if there isn’t a lot of mycarditis cases? And why so many of the healthy jabbed athletes are dying from heart attacks?

Scary stuff when you can’t see a cardiologist and have to go on a waiting list. I have greatly altered my diet, stopped all caffeine, even chocolate ;-( followed the Joel Furhman Heart Disease reversal diet and rested a lot. Took hawthorn berry tea, CoQ10 enzyme and magnesium as well as zinc and multivitamins. I seem to be slowly improving. Myocarditis can self-heal. I hope it does in my case.

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