What is your Fear Level?

  • high fear
  • medium fear
  • low fear
  • no fear

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From todays biobio { www. biobiochile. cl/noticias/nacional/chile/2021/10/11/minsal-explica-alza-de-casos-covid-en-chile-bajo-percepcion-de-riesgo-y-aumento-la-variante-delta.shtml }

“We are seeing a decrease in people’s perception of risk (…)", Daza explained during Minsal’s weekly balance sheet.

So let’s create a poll. As per the article titled “Fear Level Classification Based on Emotional Dimensions” (taken from the U.S. National Library of Medicine) “the four-level modality divides into no fear (0), low fear (1), medium fear (2) and high fear (3).”

Fear, I have low to no fear of COVID but high fear the government will go Nazi on vaccine mandates and making daily life difficult to impossible for the holdouts.


The poll is regarding the former. I voted “no fear”.

My highest fear is that, as time passes, the “advancement” of medical science is turning upside down, and so the most naturally healthy people are going to have tough times…

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Yup only fear is totalitarian domination by people who think they surely no better than I do…

“…Therefore, the head of Health, Enrique Paris, warned that ‘…those people are the ones who are going to get sick, they are going to die…’”

www. biobiochile. cl/noticias/nacional/chile/2021/10/17/paris-advierte-que-no-vacunados-se-van-a-enfermar-morir-y-contagiar-a-parientes.shtml
Domingo 17 octubre de 2021 | 13:47

Thank you very much, Sr. Paris, for your today’s very kind words! Be well and happy, and live long for the benefit of all of us.

But if mr. Paris sincerely believes that we are going to die – then would he please stop jumping up and down and just stay silent and give us a month to do so in peace. And short of us, he will then have 100% perfect and obedient population, with not much effort.

Otherwise, may he please make statements that are logical and true, and are not contradicting one another.