Presidential election. Second round. Who will you be voting for?

  • Kast
  • Boric

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Only 46% of the voters turned out, once again Chileans no están ni ahí in the most important elections in 50 years.

Looking back to the 2017 primaries, the turnout was very similar, and although Piñera was leading at that stage, the pollsters predicted a Guillier win, based on the assumption that most of the “losers” would switch their votes to him in the second round. That didn’t happen and Piñera was elected with a big majority.
So the result is still wide open.

Its also interesting to examine the results for the 8th and 9th Regions, the ones where Boric and his commie sidekicks have been openly defending terrorist actions. Perhaps these results show what people really want in those regions - peace!

This is the first election I’m really following. I understand that the Christian Democrats are centre-left but is Boric radical enough to force Provoste to endorse Kast?

They voted against Allende’s economic policy back in the day so…

Last night Provoste said

“Ese espíritu totalitario, fascista, que representa la candidatura de José Antonio Kast. No podemos permitir el fascismo”

Hopefully that’s enough to anwer the question.

The DC in recent years has been seen as a party mostly concerned in maintaining its quota of power and privileges within the system. That cost it a lot of popular support, and political necessity forced it into accommodation with the extreme left.

From 2013:

El timonel del gremialismo manifestó que “la Democracia Cristiana siempre va a estar donde calienta el sol, donde más le favorece para sus fines políticos, porque la ideología y la defensa de los principios del humanismo cristiano del centro, los abandonaron hace rato”.

Incidentally, it was the DC that facilitated Allende’s election by parliamentary vote after the general elections didn’t produce a clear winner.

I’m not sure where else to put this, but I am curious if anyone else likes to pull up the data for their table and see how people voted. I find it interesting.

Damn. Well, hopefully, the runoff polls are as correct as the first round polls were.

Yeah, I saw that on Wiki also but noted that they went against him on policy.

That said, part of me wants Boric to win so these idiotic leftists can get a taste of socialist policy. I’m fairly well insulated as all of our company’s business is offshore but that’s my cynical side talking.

I have run a little business here for the past 30 years, so can’t afford to look on a Communist future in such a detached way.

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I hear you. I’m only a quarter serious.

I just checked and my mesa was one flagged where the numbers didn’t add up for the diputado vote.

Also per my mesa, San Antonio being a commie stronghold, Boric and Provoste won over Kast.


Interesting the 2% of Kast voters who claim to be voting Boric R2. Perhaps the logic here is that it´s a protest vote to shake the system and wake people up, but they don´t really want him to be President? Or maybe it´s a few people just taking the p1ss and being sarcastic and the interviewers didn´t pick up on it.

Also concern for Kast that the Partido de la Gente voters aren´t breaking his way.

On the other hand, bad news for Boric that Sichel voters are breaking more strongly to Kast than Provoste and MEO voters are to Boric.

I checked what this organization forecast for R1 and it was pretty decent.

This chart is good news for Kast. It indicates that the undecideds are being swayed by HIS campaign rather than Boric’s. Boric isn’t really having an impact on their intention. In other words, it appears that when they are finally forced to make a choice, it will be towards Kast and given that it’s currently a dead heat, that puts him over the top.

It looks as if the anti-communist political groups like Evopoli are finally aligning themselves behind Kast, now that it appears he is winning!

Chileans have never wanted a Communist government, and Boric’s belated efforts to appear as a “moderate” are quite unconvincing.

This sort of propaganda is deadly for Boric, more so because its the truth!

So, what do you think about the latest events? It looks like a Frente Amplio councilwoman for Lo Espejo was behind the attack on Kast and his team today. I don’t think that is going to help Boric on his new quest to establish himself against violence and delinquency.

Then, there is are the misogynist twitter posts from the recently elected deputy Kaiser from Kast’s party. I just heard that he left the party, which may make it less of an issue.

Then there is the sexual misconduct accusation against Boric which high-ranking fellow commie Camila Vallejo said were valid and there is also the animal mistreatment claim.

Sit back folks, find some popcorn kernels (probably from Argieland) and pour yourself a cold one as there is a lot of time between now and December 19.

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These people’s tactics have always been to intimidate their opponents by any means available, including physical violence.
The whole estallido social thing was an example of what they are capable of.

As to Kaiser’s comments, as a new, and inexperienced politician, he made some unguarded remark that was pulled out of context and used to whip up the usual Twitter outrage. At any rate, his plug was pulled, as any attempt to defend him would only have provided more anti-kast ammo.

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The day is nigh. Make sure you get a good night’s rest, stay hydrated, and steer clear, if possible, from Santiago (:joy:).

I talked to my aunt, she didn’t vote in the first round like a typical chileno(a), but she is going to vote this round. At this point I think we are so ready for this to be over. Whoever wins there is going to be a certain amount of unrest. Best of luck gringos.

Strange, at the escuela where I vote, there is no military personnel. Vacant except for the cuidadores. Last vote, they were already there on Friday and on previous votes, definitely on Saturday.