Where do you fit?


The 22% of the 2020 plebiscite Rechazo voters fit into the Green box.

The majority of the 78% Apruebo voters fit in the Pink (naively credulous) box. Many seem to have repented that decision.

But there is a sizeable number of diehard lefties in the Blue quadrant whose aims for the rest of the country are not good.

As for the Estúpidos, they didn’t bother voting. (49% of the electorate)

Revisiting the graphic in the light of recent events:

Thanks to the obligatory nature of this vote, the estúpidos who didn’t bother voting the first time round were forced to the ballot box which meant that they had to at least take the issue seriously.

Given the scandalous behaviour of the Convencionales and the resultant pigs-ear of a constitution they produced, many of the idealistic incautos, as tipified by the Amarillos changed their minds.

The estúpidos and incautos this time were those who continued to believe the malvado lies. And the malvados are the 20% resentful hard left who only want to control the rest of the sheep, as in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua etc etc. Their post-defeat behaviour only highlights their contempt for the democratic process.

This time, at least, the intelligentes prevailed. But Chileans have short memories.

It’s interesting that the excuses that the malvados are using to explain why they lost are identical to those used by the Left in the aftermath of Trump’s election in the US and the Brexit vote in the UK. “Fake news! Foreign interference! Racism! Fascism!”

These people have zero self-awareness or capacity for reflection whatsoever and will never admit their mistakes. It’s far easier to blame imaginary “fachos” than it is to analyse your own actions and their effect on alienating people who used to be on your side.

Yeah. And that’s despite an Apruebo campaign led by the President himself, with massive favourable coverage by the biased media, and paid for with taxpayers money.

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