SERVEL has Published the Calendar for the May Elections

You can view it here:

I will spoil the Ballot Paper in this compulsory vote with some choice comments. This second shot at a new constitution was never mentioned when the process started three years ago, and represents the failure of the clowns in power to accept that No means No.

This is unfair. Most of the no campaign was based on “yes to a new constitution, but not this one”. And not just from the centre left, even some centrist and right wing figures were saying it.

Then where is the mandatory vote that we even want the proce$$ to begin again?

With a secondary question that if yes, we choose via multiple choice ranging from conventional legislative modifications to full blown elected convention?

The conventional right to conventional left, literally the UDI to PC have sold their souls to the implementation of Agenda 2030/WEF/UN mandates.

The 63% were mainly the apolitical silent majority usually too busy to bother voting as they are working, running small businesses, maintaining households and dealing with crime, FONASA colas, so-so pensions. Why not ask if they want a new process? Are the politicos afraid it will again be RECHAZO?

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That agreement only emerged later, and was never mentioned while Boric and Co were convinced that apruebo would win.
Originally, in the event of a rechazo vote, the current constitution remained in place, with no mention of second attempts. I already posted a government info sheet here stating that FACT earlier on here. This "make it up as we go along " type of political improvisation sucks.

And the last time I looked, a New Constitution was down at the bottom of the list of public priorities.

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And presumably there will be yet another vote when this obscure process ends, and that’s when I will decide. In the meantime I don’t care about the whos and whats of the process; but if they come up with another mamarracho, I will vote accordingly.

That is the question among the opposers. No vote/nulo vote vs. voting for a solid slate sure to drive the far left crazy.

There have been too many instances where boycotting a process has led to totalitarianism and even death and genocide. So leaning towards voting strict Republican and their defector allies from traitor parties UDI, RN, Chilefuimos, PDG, etc. to keep the far left frothing at the mouth till utter exhaustion. At a minimum, will make everything more entertaining assuming there will still be popcorn kernels and other products on the supermarket shelves in the coming months.

My husband and I just checked the Servel page and, fortunately, we both have better voting locations this time. Both are in the downtown area, not at the far north and far south of the municipality as in the past.

The current state of Chile politics…