Wallmapu and more

Since October 2019 I believed that the aim of the Chilean power struggle was to ape the Venezuelan model - “Chilezuela” - with a government eventually consisting of a tame Constituent Assembly dominated by a corrupt and dictatorial Communistoid leadership.

The farcical deliberations of the CC, and the cowardly actuations of Congress and the government, were viewed from that perspective. But tendencies seen lately reveal ambitions that seem to go much further than that.

It appears that faced with almost universal discredit, the old-fashioned Communist ideal has been partially superseded in favour of a new, (and largely manufactured) “plurinational” movement, supposedly based on the rights of the indigenous peoples of the region.

In effect, the CCs advocacy of a plurinational state proposes to split the country into separate indigenous “nations” with sovereign powers. In the south of Chile,“Wallmapu”, the Araucanian name for the region, has already been used by government ministers in an attempt to legitimize the concept. But this vague notion of a Mapuche nation that extends from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans does not amuse the Argentineans, who see this as a threat to their sovereignty.

Although the Araucanía is the region most affected by these spurious separatist pretensions (and which voted overwhelmingly for J A Kast in the last presidential elections) the plurinational concept would also have repercussions in the North of Chile.

Evo Morales had already set up the Runasur project which proposed that Peru cede territory for an Aimara “nation”, in effect a territorial extension allowing Bolivia to access the Pacific Ocean. Faced with massive Peruvian rejection, the current government backtracked, stating that while it was sympathetic to the idea, it implied that it would be a future Chilean Aimara “nation” that would have to cede territory.

How many voters even realize the mess that Chile will be getting itself into if they vote Apruebo?

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VOTE RECHAZO on the 4th September.

Unlike Chileans, the Argies don’t take kindly to the flaunting of the “Wallmapu” flag in their territory.

That “ancestral” flag dates from 1991 btw.

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Really, from 1991? LOLOLOL Awesome…

I found this on Spotify under the category of “comedy.”

I just listened for a few minutes and came away wondering how admin is taking this. It sounds like they will give most of the country south of the 8th region back to the Mapuche and the Mapuche could be backed by Argentina. My take. Whats yours?

An enterprising brewery now offers a Wallmapu beer. :joy:


In effect, the CCs advocacy of a plurinational state proposes to split the country into separate indigenous “nations” with sovereign powers.

I mean, as a South African, I support the notion. [tongue lightly nestled in cheek] The trick is in the implementation, of course. Maybe the Israelis can provide some insight…