The Mapuche land reclamation

I can understand the Mapuche wanting their land back. Where is the majority of the land reclamation happening?

not even an 11 foot pole???

Is it really happening though? I mean really?

The claim is basically from the biobio river to los rios. Maybe even further south as the ancestral mapuche lands.

Id say zero chance of half of chile getting reclaimed for…

If one looks at where people live that say they are 100% mapuche blood or say they are some mixture of mapuche blood (from 100% to 1 drop) they are in majority living in or around Temuco becasue that is where the jobs are. The poor are required to urbanize to survive. This causes them to be far more likely to admix and dilute their bloodline with non-mapuche blood.

So here I am a gringo surveying all this and I am thinking…are the people marching around with mapuche flags really pure mapuche? Or are they just disillusioned chileans with a tiny portion of mapuche blood (if any at all) that have “found a cause” to identify with. They found a struggle to fuel a dissatisfied angst.

Like a mapuche version of Rachael Dolezal.
I know there are are at least a few older legit possibly pure blood mapuche(how can that really even be measured/proven?)

Then whenevr chaos rears its head…like social protests, or covid, they try to use that to springboard their agenda.

I would never choose to live in or near Temuco or Victoria. But then again I would never choose to live in or near a city! But definitely not those places.

Other than that its all good with me. Heck id even consider becoming a resident of the new mapuche nation if they will lower my taxes and sign a totalization agreement on social security with USSA lol…
Sorta serious. And if the new mapiche nation says “no income taxes or only a flat sales tax” id be out there myself carrying a Mapuche flag and I wouldnt care at all that i don’t have a drop of mapuche blood :grinning:

Great outlook mem. I feel better now :wink: