Voters and Quotas: Crunch Time for Chile’s Millennial Revolutionaries

A little too “woke” for my taste, but nevertheless quite a decent, if superficial synopsis which however ignores the underlying power struggle at the heart of the issue.


An interesting read. Thanks. I will pass it on to a friend in the U.S. I was telling her a few of the crazier things included in the proposed constitution and she was in shock that anyone would think they were good ideas.

That was a fun and enlightening read although struggling to find the “woke”?

PS. I checked out your WordPress blog. You are a prolific and talented maker/engineer! I’d reach out in IRL if I wasn’t’ such a pussy about internet privacy. Regardless, impressive projects. :+1:t2:

Thanks for the kind words, I used to do that kind of stuff for a living, now it’s just a refuge from Chilean greyness.