Pase de Imbecilidad Verification for Foreign Tourists

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Some friends want to come down for a visit, but obviously need to get their jabs verified to get the Chilezuelan Pase de Imbecilidad. I currently read that it takes a MINIMUM of one month before it can be issued; is this true? Also, once issued, how long is it valid for?

I guess I am thinking, if standard inefficiencies are in effect can we start this process now for the friends for a visit later this year? Or does it need to be relatively close in dates?


Maybe wait a spell cause of this. Even Chile knows the shenanigans are hurting duh precious tourism that puts the lotion on the face.

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Thank God they have started to get their head out of their…

And LOL at “…makes us lose competitiveness and makes people choose other countries as a tourist destination instead of Chile…” I think that ship sailed long ago back in Oct. '19.

Thank you for sending I/we will certainly wait.

Actually, the process has become quicker for tourists over the past year. Before, it could take 45 days and require multiple attempts and hair pulling. Now tourists have been reporting being approved within a day/days.

I must stress that one should 100% follow every rule to the crossed t (remember our residency applications?). File formats, exact positioning and clarity in the fotos, obtaining a QR code for each jab (if possible), uploading each jab info individually even if on one card, remember that in Chile “second name” is your middle name and that most foreigners don’t have a second apellido and should leave that blank (name should be exactly as on passport) and that Chile uses the DD/MM format vs. MM/DD like in the States.

So yes, wait till time is closer and monitor for changes. Right now, a booster is not required for tourists but it may be in the future and the flimsy illegal excuse (Alerta Sanitaria) to carry on with the Imbecile Pass was recently extended till September 30.

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From CNN Chile… how are these people even remotely taken seriously? Sigh… Time for a pisco.

New Paso a Paso + Fronteras plan by the commie gov:ándonos-Paso-a-Paso.pdf

Don’t see any relaxation. Only that in the least “dangerous” phase of the new 3 pass plan, it is not obligatory to have vetted jabs. But what use is that if one cannot travel on long distance bus, get on a domestic flight, go to a restaurant, museum, wine festival, concert without a Pase de Movilidad?

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