It'll never get better if you pick it

An article finally expressing what I believe most Chileans feel about this incessant resurrección of unfortunate events that happened 50 years ago.

As a kid you were probably told that for cuts to heal, leave them alone, don’t pick at the scab…its about time that Chilean media and politicians started to follow that advice.

Chile’s preoccupation with the “dictadura” reminds me of The Cranberries’ song “Zombie”, which calls out Ireland’s failure to culturally or emotionally move on from their country’s occupation by the British and the accompanying conflict that ended long ago (“in your head, in your head, they’re still fighting”), resulting in a society with a perpetual victim complex and an obsession with the ghosts of its’ past, and an accompanying sense of division that is eagerly exploited by the political classes.

It doesn’t help that Chilean filmmakers seem incapable of making films that aren’t related to this topic, the same goes for literature. I have seen children’s picture books such as the one in this image:

about the dictadura. Is it really appropriate for four-year-olds to see graphic imagery of bombings, death and destruction, and be forced to imagine their mummy and daddy being “disappeared”?

Chile really needs to lay the ghosts of its’ past to rest if it is ever going to develop as a country, unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen given the current political climate.


Victimhood is the fastest growing occupation on the planet

Defining oneself based on past trauma real or imagined is a fast track to a deadend


This. Exactly this.
Everyone these days is a “victim.”

What interests me the most here, is that the individuals who are upset and raging about everything, are those who were ironically not even alive during that time. Just seems like an excuse to take to the streets and act like animals, or use the theme as leverage and do some good old-fashioned mud slinging to the other political party.

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Cristián Warnken, the moderately leftish founder of Amarillos was met with the predictable insults and howls of outrage from the commies when he suggested the same thing… as long as they are around there will never be closure. And they are determined to glorify Allende (and vilify the Military Government) in the upcoming anniversary “celebrations”.

One little thing that gives me hope are Chile’s Gen Z (the gen after the woke millenials - the original Penguinos who now control the gov). They seem to be questioning what they were taught as the truth in regards to Allende, the coup and Pino. More than a few are on social media promoting the missing historical facts with no fear (at least they don’t show it) of retribution meaning perhaps their peers are also with them.

In the latest round of Latin silliness, the CL congress is trying to rewrite events and claim that histories of Pinochet can’t refer to him as having been “president.”

Josep Stalin would have approved.

Just in time for the 50th anniversary, Pablo Larraín releases his latest titled El Conde, where he depicts Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher as vampires, for some reason.


Larraín should be grateful to Pinochet, as without him he wouldn’t have a directorial career, considering his seeming inability to make films about any other subject. I’m sure his next project will be a reimagining of Star Wars with Pinochet cast as Darth Vader using the Death Star to vapourize La Moneda, or something.

Oh yeah…the news coverage of chile is dominated by this stuff last month or so. I usually do a news search for the term chile and get a decent variety of international coverage…but not now. Everything is pinochet bad and communists are swell drivel

Yeah the international English speaking almost all lefty press has no idea about what is really going on in Chile and thus are stumped by the Rechazo and Republican party elections.

Another media bit, the state sponsored TVN channel had the lowest rating of all the major Chile channels when they ran their documentary 1000 days of Allende the previous night earning even less share than the channel that broadcasts the activities of the Chile Cámara de Diputados. The top rated program that night was a political farandula show where a right media dude won decisively against his left media dude counterpart in the final audience vote, the second rated program was a Chile reality show.

The English speaking international media coverage of Chile = clueless crap.

I find it interesting that Monsalve actually put out an advisory to not go to Centro on the 10th and 11h.

Have they lost control of their Primera Linea, Barra Brava, Secundaria, common criminal, advisors (legal and illegal) from abroad foot soldiers?

I’m all set to watch this show in comfort assuming the luz isn’t cut and the cell towers and Internet backbone remain up and running.