The "narrative" continues

The BBC in “Guardian” mode. As approved by the Chilean Truth Ministry.

Just “Projectiles fired by Police”? No “own goals”?

My own Museo de la Memoria:


Recovered from the Plaza Baquedano. Don’t think the cops fired them off.

Also they repeat the lie that “36 protesters were killed by police”, in reality all but a few of the estillado deaths were looters dying from supermarket fires during “saqueos”

I complained to the BBC about that article, not that they will read it…

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The BBC’s coverage of the estillado was infuriating, they weren’t even pretending to be impartial. Most of their reportage consisted of little more than the journo sticking a microphone in front of random protesters, with no attempt to analyse or question their opinions regarding how “the police are killing us!” or “there is a torture chamber in Baquedano station!” Not once did they speak to people living in central Santiago who had to endure countless sleepless nights worrying if their apartment block was going to be burned down, or local businessmen whose businesses were looted and their livelihood destroyed, or the vulnerable elderly people dragged out of their cars and forced to “dance” for the amusement of baying mobs.

There was zero deviation from the pre-potted narrative of “peaceful protesters tormented by the fascist state”, the same narrative that would be followed in their coverage of unrest in Colombia, Peru and other Latam countries. It’s infuriating to try to explain the reality of events in Chile to my UK friends whose only knowledge comes from the BBC or the Guardian, trying to get across to them that things here are a little more nuanced than “hero progressive Boric and evil Nazi Kast”.

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The Bad Broadcasting Cabal is not a news source. It is a thinly veiled propaganda machine.

That image of the bucket of marbles reminds us of similar false reporting within Chile in the recent past, where steel ball bearings were shown to “journalists” who then reported that these were fired by Carabineros. False, of course — it was slingshot ammunition fired by the Rojos.

Filthy marxist bastards.

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And some of those deaths were employees of places like Lider hipers where workers were killed as a result of arson by the Reds/looters.

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Damn,brings back bad memories, may I never again have to see FAL .308 toting soldiers to enter a supermarket whether a commie insurrection or scamdemic …

Although the BBC aired that piece only a few days ago, it’s a rehash of articles that appeared last year on US NPR here, and here.
I bet these people are getting aportes culturales ie, money, from some Jackson-style fundación or other as there’s no way their crap music would even get an airing otherwise.