News you can trust?

I’m apparently not the only one to be miffed by the constant trickle of disinformation emanating from foreign press correspondents and their “woke” Chilean counterparts.

The stringer taken to task here by Gabriel Zaliasnik, a Chilean lawyer and academic, is John Bartlett who writes for the BBC, the Guardian, the Washington Post and the New York Times, providing suitably-slanted “news” for their “progressive” audiences. Its worth reading the article for Bartlett’s weaselly cop-out Twitter response to the accusation.

Some other examples of propaganda are mentioned in this article, including the remarkable claim that the success of Chile’s COVID vaccination program was due to the efforts of Izkia Siches, the Commie ex-head of the Doctor’s syndicate. The truth is that she had no power to interfere in public health issues, other than by campaigning to get Health Ministers sacked as part of the overall Commie strategy of attacking the government.

Here’s the BBC landing page. “News you can trust”, they say :face_vomiting: