Press reactions to last nights violence

The media made much of the initial “peaceful manifestations” but as always, those soon turned into the rioting, looting, and destruction we have come to expect once the sun goes down.

In the foreign press - nothing. Perhaps they finally realize that this level of violence is unjustified, that it’s not a popular reaction to “inequality”, whatever that means

Reading the readers reactions to last night’s riots, the overall sentiment seems to be indignation. I don’t recall seeing anyone attempting to justify this intolerable delinquency. Perhaps Chile has finally regained its senses.

If this mood is sustained, I believe that Kast could win at the first ballot. But Chileans have short memories.

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Maybe PC, FA, Jadue (probable Interior Minister and puppetmaster in a Boric pres), Tellier and Company no longer have full control of their front line soldiers if they supposedly ordered them to dial down on their activities because of the election.

Very sickening about the steel wire and the 23 year old female on the motorbike.

Yesterday, the Uruguayan daily, “El Pais” published an editorial entitled the "La Tragedia Chilena"

According to the article, the “tragedy” is the scrapping of a system that brought 30 years of peaceful progress to Chile, with a warning that efforts have to made to ensure the process that brought Chile to this sorry state is not repeated at home.

Chile: now an international object lesson in self-induced failure.

I honestly think Kast might actually win this. Kast has reached critical mass, and as long as these orcs continue to destroy everything regular people will make their voices heard at the urnas.

Obviously, this level of violence is reaching critical levels. But, I’m still amazed at how barbaric these protesters are. They are basically tying steel cables from light posts across streets to impede traffic and quite frankly, to kill people: - Una motociclista murió tras enredarse con un cable de acero instalado por manifestantes en La Granja | Nacional | BioBioChile

But like the fireworks, this was obviously meant to target/injure/kill a Carabinero but instead killed a fellow young criminal/comrade. This young lady with a police record was on a robbed motorcycle having just left a looted supermarket…

And the Guardian hits all its usual notes today, associating xenophobic “extreme-right” Kast with Pinochet, Trump and Fascist thugs with Uzis.

Not a word about this week’s violence, which even the progressives cannot justify any more. Propaganda though insinuations, lies and selective omission.

Just waiting now for the BBC’s selective “take” on events. Should be good for a laugh.

They just keep riding the dead horse and cant understand why they were late for the hodown!