Bad Publicity for Tourism

Chile is wrecking its international image, as well as everything else.

Even peaceful protests can become violent. The largest protests usually take place in central Santiago. Police can use tear gas and water cannons against protesters.

Avoid all demonstrations. Under Chilean law, you can be deported if you’re involved in or promote violent acts that could disturb social order or the system of government.

Nationwide protests often take place on significant dates, such as:

11 September (anniversary of the military coup)
29 March (Day of the Young Combatant)
1 May (Workers’ Day)

Its no coincidence that those 3 dates are commie holy days.

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Government warnings fro Oz (March 2024) – similar to UK :


Chile’s crime and lack of security puts it up there with … Haiti ?


From New Zealand


Según denuncian, supuestos “taxistas” les han cobrado enormes cifras de dinero, que han llegado hasta los 4 millones de pesos.

The authorities don’t care about Chile’s international image any more. Not that what they tried to project in the past was ever that close to the shabby reality.