The goals of the Boric Government, by Carlos Larraín

Another longish translated extract, this time from an article in El Libero by Carlos Larraín, ex president of Renovación Nacional:

-How would you define the first year of President Boric’s government?
– Everything happened as it had been announced: the government is signalling the bad years that are coming.

–And given this, are you satisfied with the role that Chile Vamos has played as an opposition? Has it been a hard or soft opposition?

-Neither hard nor soft. Remember that several were in favour of the “blank sheet” constitution, God help them! But a few deputies had the will to resist and a good number of Senators(1) were crucial in that situation.

-What is your opinion of the role that Chile Vamos and the center right should occupy from this second year?

-It is more than a “role”. They must be convinced that we are being challenged by the government’s permanent goal of an institutional coup.

– You believe that the government is attempting to coup the institutionality of the country?

-That has been clear since October 2019 and the constituent operation(2) demonstrated that completely. The entire Opposition must carefully scrutinize all the actions of this government.

(1) Hardly surprising as the proposed constitution would have abolished the Senate.
(2)Headed in person by the President of Chile. Gabriel Boric.

From the same article:

– Do you think there is a risk of descending into populism or into ways to destroy the existing institutions? Doesn’t the new constitutional process that was established ensure that this won’t happen?

-Demagoguery is already installed. This government lies systematically to keep itself in power. We will soon see how the new constitutional process is undermined from above(6), because it threatens to maintain the institutional continuity that they want to break.

It is very likely that a third coup will be attempted.
October and November 2019, was the first; the second was the feverish Constituent Assembly, controlled by incompetent subversives(3)

Meanwhile, the internal disorder and directed violence will continue as the constitutional process advances

(3)Stalin’s famous "useful idiots"*

The article concludes as follows:

It is enough for the Right to Oppose this government. It couldn’t be easier, but it takes unity, analysis, consistency and courage(4) to resist the onslaught(5)

(4)Unfortunately Parliamentarians don’t seem to possess many of these virtues.
(5)Which would include direct persecution against Opposition members and their families, not least by State agencies such as the SII.
(6) “Undermined from above” :slight_smile: “Sabotaged” would have been better here.

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