A worrying scenario

This opinion piece, published in El Libero posits a hypothetical future based on Chile’s history. First some background:

In their drive to achieve absolute power, the Communists and their allies, using democratic processes, have successfully installed a left-wing government, and implemented the CC with the aim of replacing Chile’s political constitution

Given that:

  • The Boric government is rapidly losing public support, and will be weakened in Congress by the same opposition obstructionist tactics that itself had used against the Piñera government.


  • the CC’s tacit aim of dismembering Chile as a nation is being met with increasing scepticism, and their efforts to achieve this goal in this Mamarracho Constitución will probably be rejected.

Its possible that the Boric government, remembering that Allende’s slow progress towards the same end ruined the country, and eventually failed, may try to effect an autogolpe.

Google Translate from that article:

I am acutely aware that I present a terrifying scenario, but do not believe that, having come this far and with the political opposition so devastated, leftist extremism will resign itself to a total failure of a government that really has no way of resolving its contradictions and faces a situation of social rebellion and an economic crisis that is already under way, and that will certainly worsen in the immediate future.

Chile has its own version of Deep State, whose movements are completely hidden from public view, so hopefully, this will never happen. However, it’s wise to be aware of the undercurrents.

Thank you, feargle, for sharing this scenario. So much easier to bury one’s head in the sand rather than discuss likely political strategies.