The Boric Government - two views

Here’s a part translation of an article in Ex-Ante by Jorge Schaulson:

"For President Boric (and Chile) lies a difficult future. His destiny, and the success or failure of his government, is bound up with the actions of the Convention, and the result of the exit plebiscite.

The rejection of its text would mean the end of his government. And if a sectarian and discriminatory constitution with an improvised institutional design is approved by a narrow margin, the governability of Chile will become extremely difficult.

Minister Carmen Vallejo wasted no time in qualifying Piñera’s government as the worst in Chile’s history. Given the uncertain and convulsive context in which we now live, its not impossible that the worst government turns out to be this one".

This second extract is from the Financial Times Its a pay site so ymmv:

…"The biggest risk of all is the unpredictable outcome of the constituent assembly. Elected during the pandemic on a low turnout, it is dominated by the radical left and maverick independents. Proposals so far debated (though not approved) include creating 11 distinct systems of justice for different indigenous groups, abolishing the “bourgeois” separation of powers and nationalising mining.

Boric has a rare opportunity to show that Chile can again be a global trendsetter, this time by creating a fairer and greener society while preserving growth and private investment. That could be a new model, for both Latin America and the developing world. But it will require Boric to get a grip on the constituent assembly’s antics".

They sure are not off to a great start:

I guess dialogue is a bit harder than it looks from the outside.