Will Boric complete his term?

Chile se encuentra capturado por la delincuencia, el narcotráfico y la inmigración ilegal. Los pronósticos indican que Chile no crecerá en 2023 y que la desigualdad se incrementará

An article from the viejo continente, cataloguing the dismal decline of Chile. Must be facho propaganda…

I predicted to the pololo of my younger step-daughter, that Boric would last half as long as Allende. Which would be around…ta…da…September of this year…

But TOHA as president? Or perhaps the unmentionable happening?

Things could be worse

Apparently Evo Morales (who was banned from entering Peru) is playing a big part in the shitstirring.

If he doesn’t complete his term, I think it will be because he was pushed out. I don’t see him resigning. In various declarations, he seems to think he’s doing a good job.

Boric and his crew are not interested in the country’s welfare, they are still trying to advance their revolution, and are willing to ruin the country in the process. Only the rechazo vote and their incompetence have slowed the process.

One ironic commentary said that in any other democracy, the rechazo vote would have led to Boric’s resignation, and only the terms of the current constitution allowed him to remain in office. Saved by the very law he tried to abolish.

I don’t know where might be the place on this foro to keep track of the polls covering Boric’s (lack of) approval.

In today’s (26 March) Biobiochile.cl we see the latest Cadem survey summary: .

Boric gets a 30% approval, down 5 points since the last time. Disapproval increased by five points to 65%.

In the recent past, the hard left, with the Bachelet2 maladministration, and their attempts to coup Piñera, provoked the serious issues the country now experiences. But their ideological stance, inexperience and ineptness makes them incapable of fixing them now they are in power.

Although Boric&Co have had to change their outlook slightly, faced with unpleasant realities, they remain committed to their progressive goals.

As a result, the only option open to them to curry favour is to bribe the masses through bonos, sueldo minimo increases etc. Trouble is that Chile doesn’t have the money do this any more.