POLL: How will you vote December 17, 2023?

Updated voting locations are available on the SERVEL site. Mine stayed the same in downtown Buin, but my husband’s was changed back to a school that’s quite far from the house. What a pain. Last time, we were both downtown, so it was easy to park in one of the lots and walk to both locations.

Y el otro tema relevante es que la izquierda ha estado desde el año 2019, posterior al estallido social, pidiendo un plebiscito para una nueva Constitución, donde pasaron años diciendo que esta Constitución fue escrita con sangre, no en democracia y todo esto, y ahora están defendiéndola. Entonces ahí, sentido común, la gente dice ‘aquí hay algo raro’.

Which shows that they never gave a hoot about the constitution issue because it was only a means used to achieve an end, the same as their espousal of Feminist, LGBT, Minority and Environmental causes.

Todo Vale is the commie philosophy.

A Favor - Fos One


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BUMP. Two weeks to go.

Scroll to first post for poll.

One can change one’s vote if desired.

A reminder resurrected from 2019. Still true. Not that anyone took a blind bit of notice at the time, and probably still don’t…

Well, I have started slogging through. Too early for a pint, or some scotch. So far, I haven’t come across anything objectionable. It seems pretty moderate, even if some hysterical types are trying to paint it as far right. Yeah, there are definitely some things that shouldn’t be in a constitution, but it’s better than last time. I’m leaning strongly to a favor and hope this puts an end to this saga. I don’t want to go through another round of this.

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BUMP. less than a week to go.

Scroll to first post for poll.

One can change one’s vote if desired.

There are three anonymous voters who still have not decided which I assume means a null or blanco vote.

The huge private school (my voting location) across from the depto. is quiet today except for the maintenance people as school is already out. Expect to see the militares arrive tomorrow.

Early results 17 December from those voting outside the country, in Oz and NZ, show strong “en contra” though that is not necessarily indicative of voters within the country. Though it may well be. Soon to find out.

Did my civic duty, slightly later than usual at 10:30 am. Lot of voters in evidence, but the actual voting seemed to be going fast. After all, how long does it take to respond to one question?

Hearing the last calls form the voting rooms at the nearby school.

I too will close the poll at 6 pm.

Santiago no es Chile but it is not looking good.

Argentina is coming to Chile if the Regions can’t stem the trend.

There will be a lot of happy commies this evening. I guess one can join them as they re-destroy Plaza Baquedano tonight.

Already setup a funds transfer to take advantage of a most likely launch above 900 in the coming days to test out my newly minted Schwab ATM card.

And back to my longer term plan of moving to a less commie area.

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What will happen next if, as the polls seem to be predicting, the latest draft gets rejected? Boric has said that he won’t push for a third rewrite, however I can forsee his government trying to table “amendments” to the constitution that will require yet more referendums, I can’t see this circus ending anytime soon

Can’t believe anything this government says. Commies lie and lie and lie as it is their nature.

They are laughing their asses off as they now can do everything via Congress with the recent 4/7 majority change to modify the Constitution. Yes, the Boric government will sit back and keep their promise of not pursuing the “process” while their 4/7 easy majority in Congress drafts, approves and imposes a similar to the first draft rejected by RECHAZO with NO popular vote or input. The people just got checkmated and fucked. Reminds me of the DC realizing too late they no longer had the votes to take stronger Constitutional measures after they were hoodwinked by Allende and supporters. History rhymes sometimes to the point of repeating.

By not approving what could be considered a centrist compromise to end the process and move on, this may insure a violent future from fearless common criminals to extremists on the left and right all dominated by psychopathic or sociopathic bosses.

Let us play that fun game of wildly speculating about the outcome before any meaningful official numbers come out.

My wild guess: Rechazo at 58 percent.

And tomorrow I will look like an idiot.

Sigue aquí en vivo el conteo de votos del Plebiscito Constitucional


JA!!! The cooks (cocineros) or perhaps crooks of the UDI just admitted the defeat of “A Favor”.

Will be a hell of a ride from here.

Hopefully one hasn’t placed too many eggs in this Chile basket.

At least we tried, and kudos to those who were willing to state the truth.

The next possible backstop is the presidential election but Chile will be very broken by then.

It is what it is.

Let me talk to Jim Beam and then tomorrow we all move on.

I have to agree that the left is better at marketing. I do believe the swing vote in the past Pres election and this vote was the false fear mongering towards the important women’s vote.

Just lie that abortion will be abolished and deadbeat dads will no longer have to pay and BINGO, you probably have an instant 20% plus votes on your side.

Underneath it all, I believe many Chileans are convinced that the “right” Constitution will bring them great personal benefits. They continue to hanker after the Pie in the Sky promised them by Boric .

Dream on, fools. And carry on ruining your country.

Interesting, in the traditional commie area that I live, I do not hear any car honking. I am surprised.