Pase de movilidad for children

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I’m living abroad, but have travelled to Chile recently with my children. We live in the UK, so my 12 year old has one vaccine dose and the 9 year old doesn’t have any doses. This is the vaccination schedule here. Also, there is no official QR code-based document available here for children under the age of 16.

Is there anything I can do to get a pase de movilidad for my children in Chile? It seems like we can’t do anything just because my children aren’t fully vaccinated. They are Chileans, so I’m contemplating getting them vaccinated in Chile just for the pase de movilidad.

Any suggestions?

I am assuming you are a resident or citizen.

ATM, the Pase de Movilidad is only required for 12 and older but I’m sure it will be extended in the not so distant future to 6 and older. Also ATM, only 18 and older need a booster to keep a valid pass but I’m sure this will soon be extended to 12 and older.

It is needed to eat indoors at restaurants, at certain public venues, domestic flights and trips on interregional buses over 200 kms. Without a pass, one can still travel in private vehicle between regions and still eat at restaurants with an open terrace area (almost all restaurants these days).

You should begin the validation process for the first jab of the 12 year old on assuming he/she has a valid CI or Clave Unica.

I am confused…

If Chile is now on dose #4 (lol!), do you require to have ALL 4 before obtaining the Pase??? Or is it okay with the situation of benjiboo with only having one?

Shifting sands are annoying.

You can be sure that within 6 months, people 18+ will again lose their Pase without numero 4 and that numero 5 will already be in the works.

I wonder who will be the first to 10 jabz

Not sure about 10 but this person had 7, officially.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of Russia’s LDPR party, has announced that he has received as many as seven vaccinations.