Inviting the members from the previous forum

Rune, can you please contact other members of the previous board including El P, gringolais, admin, FrankPintor, the couple who lived near plaza Italia and the guy stationed in Buenas Aires? They added such fascinating and unique prerspectives to this forum. Surely admin could join anonymously. We are seriously lacking a 360 degree perspective.


3 of the persons are already here but seem to be tired of posting.

El P is probably discouraged after having his extensive posts wiped completely more than once for various reasons.

admin, I would not mind but I’m sure he would not like being in an inferior position of control.

And that certain couple was all for censoring my and other posters posts, so if they want to come back as posters and can respect contrary to their view on certain topics, then let them come.

I’m sure Rune can comment more.


To add, outside of pure spam, I never once censored anyones post on that other forum. Even posts that criticized or slandered me. I would at most just lock certain threads and let admin sort it out.

One time a poster claimed I read their private message which was totally impossible and NO ONE came to back me up including admin.

I am all for free speech, and that other forum violated my free speech the past year by deleting my posts more than once.

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I’m around, just not feeling particularly chatty lately. Maybe I need to start a pet photos thread! :grinning:

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Hi hlf, thanks for invoking me :slight_smile:

I am here, but remember I’ve been living in the “hermana república”, Argentina, for the past 4 years or so, and that’s given me a somewhat different perspective on things, as well as not being personally caught up in Chile (though I do still have family there).

The Chilean (and expats who’ve absorbed that viewpoint) perspective towards Argentina tends to be unrelentingly negative, and while a lot of the criticism is appropriate, Argentina is actually a very comfortable place to be for an expat (not earning in local currency, of course), and it surprises in many ways, including the friendliness, curiosity and even honesty of the people (entirely contrary to my expectations), the parks, museums, and variety of things to do and see, even just around Buenos Aires (let alone the rest of the country), the mix of cultures in Buenos Aires (everything from Jewish to Korean), the food (you have to look, and Argentina has taken a beating for producing GM grains and vegetables, but I can have freshly picked organic produce delivered every day)… ok, I’ll stop there, but it can be very nice here, and if you don’t believe me I’ll upload some photos of the jacaranda-lined avenues to make my point.

Where was I… I gave up contributing to the other forum because I’m over here, and I live the reality, and being trolled by the admin and having posts deleted was a bit much. A watershed moment was when he started including Facebook comments in support of his positions, and at that point I said, nah, it’s time to stick a fork in him, he’s done. No hard feelings, I try to push business to Zandra, though she’s not been responsive recently.

Well, after all that, if anyone has any questions about how it is here in BA, if I can help with any practical questions I will. At some point my interest in Chile might perk up again, I still have my 600sqm on the coast near Valdivia to possibly build on, and maybe after the pandemic-related travel restrictions have been relaxed we’ll visit again.

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deleted by author

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Thank you eeuu, gringalais, FrankPintor and lostfree :wink: Yes, admin censored too much, very tyrannical, stopped me several times from posting too far out of his conservative view box, would not even permit award-winning journalism…but in the end, ironically, it was a form of censorship that brought the whole forum down. Such a wealth of information and goodwill, so many group memories. Is it forever lost because of a vindictive religious zealot?

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What I meant to say was It was the censorship need of the religious zealot that brought the site down. :sob:

I’m curious what, more specifically, caused admin to shut down the old forum. Can it be discussed in the open or is it too sensitive for some reason?

Yay! Found you! I have been looking for a way to reconnect with some of the invaluable contributors to AllChile. So its good to find this forum and add myself to the growing number of former AllChile forumites here. So glad to see some of you, and hope others find us, and join us. AllChile was an amazing resource, tho recently some members posts had become quite antagonistic and divisive, and doubtless contributed to the situation that brought about the sudden demise of the forum. Hopefully this forum will remain collegial and helpful. Stay safe everyone

Unless there is mutual agreement on everything, which would be very dull with no opportunity to learn, there will be disagreements, discord, divisiveness. That is what dialogue and debate are all about. As adults we can ignore the comments from obvious idiots but religious zealots want any criticism of their methodology to be disallowed.

I have deleted the post containing full quotations from the old forum. People, please exchange sensitive information outside the publicly visible space. And please self moderate. Otherwise I will resign as an admin and mod, as I hate moderating.

Note, the entire old forum (and not only the quotation that I have deleted) was removed from the Internet, please do not repeat past mistakes.

yes, admin did become more oppressive but I attributed that to the stresses of the pandemic. And yes, he spelled phonetically and never used spell check, but that did not make him any less brilliant in his fashion, it just made his posts more comical and authentic.

Yes, so much useful information and our collective forum history has been “lost”. I hope it will be restored once the zealot is apprehended and admin and his family are safe.

Thank you for all that you do, lostfree. Can I say this??? Basically in the full quotations extract admin was saying nobody had the right to force their religious beliefs on anyone else and the religious zealot said admin’s posts incited hatred against evangelical Christians and threatened to charge him with hate speech and called him filth.

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I will contribute to that :slight_smile:

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I did share the last post from our motherboard but lostfree thought it might bring bad karma to our new board and he removed it. A synopsis is available in a later comment. If you can prove to me you are not the religious zealot, reincarnated on this forum, or any of his rabid followers or cult members, I will share it with you in a pm.

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Cool it, and very seriously… lostfree has stepped down completely from admin and moderator powers.

The prime directive for all thinking beings on this forum is the preservation of this forum. We either self-moderate or agree on moderation whose prime directive is defense of this forum. And that may mean active censorship to prevent this forum from being shutdown or to protect the ones with admin and moderator status from legal threats or their personal data from being outed to threaten their self or family.

Listen weon@s, this is a military order.

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