Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone and hope you are doing well.

Thanks for setting up the forum and here´s to a productive 2022 for the forum. I think so far the forum has started off successfully. After fast growth, the number of posts is fairly high (but not excessive), a lot of old timers attracted to the forum, mostly civil conversation, no trolls coming in from the outside.

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I wish you all a happy holidays and a fantastic new year.

Absolutely, information is what drove the old forum, and it even helped me understand the Chilean culture more. I am so glad all of you are here.


Happy holidays for everyone in this forum! I dont post too much but I enjoy reading, specially old-timers. Stay optimistic, tranquilos, todo va a salir bien :grinning:
Cheers from Tomas, the lurker :grinning:


Thanks for all your work to a hoped for better Chile.

Glad to see you here!
:raised_back_of_hand: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: