Broadest perspective of views needed in these troubling times

As findes pointed out in another post, patagoniax talked about the problem with corruption years ago. I miss patagoniax’s unique, ascerbic, insightful no holds barred contributions immensely, And Charles with his often opposite but equally astute points of view. and creative spelling. We need the broadest perspective of views possible on this board to help us navigate these troubling times.

Can someone here please contact and invite each of them?.

findes is a horse by another name.

Charles, has any one heard from him? He may have banned himself from the Internet for various reasons.

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He doesn’t need to. His persecuters left for Colombia in 2021 .

I should understand that to be an indication that my contribution is unwelcome.

Huh? The forum’s free speech policy stands. And no one has been censored to date. Feel free to comment as you see fit.

Haha, so my instincts were right. I thought I recognized Findes!

Findes, I enjoy your contributions, however the volley of thoughts in patagoniax’s and admin’s repartees was intellectually invigorating for the whole group because of their often diametrically opposite stances. Like attending a debate between great minds. Each unique in its genius,

I sense a hostility to my commenting, as if there is some something in someone’s past that I am being blamed for. And frankly I don’t need that. Perhaps someone objects to how I criticize this failing country. I’ve been critical of Chile where criticism is due. Maybe that is troubling someone.

Findes. Since you posted this after my post, I will assume it was meant for me. No it can’t be me, I have never lambasted your posts… I think you add something valuable to the forum.

Actually I am surprised and saddened that admin has not reappeared in our group…

Findes, show me one post where other posters ganged up on you or vehemently disagreed like on a certain previous forum? On the other side, show me where we ganged up on a poster who leans pretty left on many issues. This poster has not posted lately not because we told him to go away but of their own accord. Yes, the forum leans right and populist so he probably felt he was speaking to the wind.

We have avoided any need for harsh measures thus far because we as a group do not “react” as on other forai and let the poster vent or even preach. Yes, maybe there are questions posted but not to the point of vulgarity and ungentlemanly behavior.

Don’t know more what to say as playing victim does not seem to be natural to a strong experienced character as yourself.

Do post away.

This forum in the past has been falsely accused of being a “right-wing echo chamber”. Truth is that most forumites have lived here long enough to have evolved similar points of view on many issues.

I would bet that new progre types arriving here from more civilized places would be aghast at their encounter with this mess of a country - once they painfully got over their initial misconceptions.

And finally, we don’t need manufactured and groundless discord!

The entire world is failing, it is degrading, the stupidity wins everywhere (regardless of the country), and the remaining few people who can still see and understand this (and they are less than 2-3% of the population) — even they are dying out gradually and irreversibly.

So, to criticize is perfectly OK… no matter what, where and when (of course if this is based on one’s life experience and understanding).

I do “criticize” everything that I see. Almost everything. And for me — this is perfectly just, and for a good reason, and all those who are always “happy”, they are from another planet… though of course for them the one who is from another planet — this is me… :slight_smile:

Times have indeed changed, but one constant remains: the invaluable support and candor within this community. Different opinions are good, even if I don’t agree! I look forward to reading what you have to say; again, even if I don’t agree, it makes me THINK, and I will always appreciate that.

As EEUU rightly pointed out—and I want to piggyback on that—not being in the business of censoring feels great. Thus, we are not. Everyone is welcome here, and, again, I want to thank you all for taking the time to share your opinions and insights.

I wish you all the very best, whether you decide to continue contributing or you decide to leave. Some continue to live in Chile because they’ve found a place they can call home, and that’s wonderful—so I understand that passion is also part of it! :slightly_smiling_face:

The forum will continue to go for as long as it can, and if for some reason it cannot continue, due notice will be given.

All the best!

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