My introduction to this new forum

Hello to all forumites of of yore. I’m back and glad to see that all old members of are live in this new site! I see Nikkeiexpat, half, and see no Gloria-san?
Just posted this shorties to say How Dee from Tokyo Japan, I’m still safe and kicking!

A big hola and welcome back Rikki-San from way down south Shiiilelandia now under control of wannabe Allende II millennials. I lost contact with you two previous laptops back.

Gloria and hubby I understand moved back to the States a year or so ago.

A lot has happened since we last heard from you notably the 18 October 2019 insurgency to the draconian Chile gov health emergency to the overnight permanent closing of to the far-left head-shaking sad comedy of the Constitutional Convention and Burric presidency to the finally waking up of Chile’s Silent Majority to hopefully stop the rapidness of the slide to hell and perhaps begin to turn the ship around.

Glad to hear you are “safe and kicking”.

Glad to see that all Chile established ex-pats are all well despite that horrible Covid-19 pandemics that took so many lives world-wide.

Me, due to an abrupt denial of service from and since couldn’t login so decided to not persist despite losing all my contacts with you all. Yesterday, I was organizing all my past recorded in my PC then found previous chat site.

Tried to see if could sign up anew to but various attempt was futile and always ending up at Charles Spencer Global. However with further search, found this new chat site then finding your post. Sorry that my English is getting no better than back in 2018~2019 level but willing to give it a go. Time for me to go to bed and perhaps will post some more tomorrow. Say hello to hlf289? and other friends for me, over and out.

Welcome @Rikki-San. As eeu said a lot has happened and continues to happen. Just hoping that things improve for Chile. Best!