Chilean Expat Forums

Of the expat forums such as:
Expat Exchange
Discourse (here)

Why did you choose to hang out in this one versus the others? Any reasons?


Sometimes ham radios are the only way to communicate in remote areas and to reach certain old farts who are still alive, and would be otherwise unreachable.


The other forums I have seen (apart from the former allchile) do not seem to be very active at all. Lots of posts with zero responses.

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Very true.

It was the Yahoo email list chilegringos then the phpBB and now, I hope that this place will get going like allchile but it may not happen. I recall it took about three months or so for allchile to get going and it was important that there were posters like elpuelche to attract interest and posting.

Also as 18-0 unfolded and then C1984 which disrupted travel and legal immigration, things may never be like allchile times ever again.

Yeah alot of the other sites are just infoscalping infosniping sites. This is more of a community orbiting planet chile

Haha, funny bc I am a ham myself.


I am totally biased. But, the only reason I started this was due to allchile closing. I tried the other forums but they feel very “touristy.” And are hardly active.

Also, as I mentioned in the welcome post I am not in the business of censoring people, and Discourse makes it so that you can block people you don’t want to interact with. I haven’t met any of you personally but through the years you develope an 'e-closeness."

I want this space to be about the real Chile from the perspective of the gringos :slight_smile:.

Cheers and thank you all for being here!