Here we go again

Although not outrageous by standards of what is happening in other countries, the recent rise of COVID cases in Chile has received attention at MINSAL and judging by their past performance, anything bizarre could happen now – just as the tourist season is getting underway.

The expected suspects as reported in various media: behavior during Fiestas Patrias, and the dropping of the mask requirements, particularly on public transport.

Today’s ( 28 oct 2022) news:

Chile registró un incrementó de 65% en los casos de COVID-19 en 14 días

On a related note, the “bivalent” vaccine has become more widely available in CL now but with the usual MINSAL incompetence, we are hearing that their disfuncionarios are refusing to accept even proper CDC evidence of bivalent vaccinations done in the US, at least for some submissions.

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