Alert 2 or not? and the power of the new gov to control media reporting

So the government announced a change to Paso a Paso alert status 2 beginning tomorrow which modifies the entry rules into Chile.

BUT, that initially widespread report seems to have disappeared/quashed from all the main Chile news sources except those that made it to print.

I know the Burric government has given itself powers to control what the media says and a sole twatter tweet at minsal has given conflicting info if the government will be in fact implementing the alert level change tomorrow.

Any other observations or news?

So Minsal is now pretending they never made an announcement of a change to Nivel 2 and that supposedly Paso a Paso has no relation to Fronteras Protegidas when in fact it does and they are one and the same in regards to Niveles.

What a bunch of @#$% #@$.

They are so incompetent, it would almost be funny if they were not in charge. My husband calls them inoperantes.

Did you read that Netflix is supposedly making a movie about Boric’s first year?

A dark comedy no doubt. I think the actor famous for the Ratoncito character should play Boric.

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I figured out what happened, the original new Paso a Paso plan made no difference between Paso a Paso and Fronteras as seen in the original doc:ándonos-Paso-a-Paso.pdf

But this doc is no longer linked to anywhere by the millennial geniuses running the government.

I surmise that after the tourist industry beat the crap out of them for moving to Alert Nivel 2 in RM (SCL) with hardly enough notice time for travelers, the government did damage control by vanishing the doc and claiming there was a two tier Alert Nivel system, one for us (Paso a Paso) and one for foreign visitors (Fronteras Protegidas). Of course, let’s not talk about the hundreds per day illegal walk across the border types who face no screening health or criminal.

Just the way it is, are you stocking up for what happens on the night of September 4?