FT Article on CC Fail

From the FT (which doesn’t permit links to its articles):

Reproduced here in Spanish

Business leaders are already nervous about the prospects for big tax rises and stricter environmental controls on the mining industry. One major multinational mining company, which asked not to be named, said its executives were so fearful of future changes that a representative had been sent to Santiago to monitor the delicate redrafting process.

The CC proposes nationalizing mining as part of its Communist agenda. If approved, this would nullify any changes made under the present system.

The social protests [in 2019] never really went away, and could well reappear.”

In other words, the threat of another orchestrated "estallido social" could be used to coerce the electorate into voting apruebo from fear of the consequences if they reject this crazy constitution.

Why not? It worked well the last time with the cowards in Congress.