Day 4: No VTR (Provi.)


Anyone know what is going on over here in Providencia?

Day 4, no internet. Sunday we had zero building power either.
I called VTR and they told me WITHOUT FAIL 4PM… that was 2 days ago LOL.

Have you filed a complaint with Sernac? When we lived in La Reina, we had Movistar and had problems with internet on several occasions. One time they said they came but no one was home when I had been home all day. They supposedly were then going to visit the next day but never showed up. When I called to complain again, I was told they had done some fix to the cabling outside that is why they did not come to the house. I think that was another lie because we still didn’t have internet. After complaining to Sernac they finally got in touch a few days later and fixed the problem.

Where we are now we have GTD Manquehue because it was the only option in the condominio at that time. Now VTR has been added as an option, but we decided not to change because we have had no problems with the service and we didn’t want the hassle of workmen coming in to do a new installation.

A different view of VTR.

I have had a good relationship with VTR here on the south 5th Region coast since 2006. Any problems that needed a tech (rare as I can troubleshoot most problems) was always as scheduled and they recently upped my bandwidth just as a thank you for 10+ years of being a customer.

My stepdaughter in Santiasco has had major problems with them, so it really depends on the area.

Glad that you do not have any issues with VTR, must be nice!

Ironically, in this moment, today we have, you guessed it! No internet yet again hahaha.

Where is Starlink when you need it?