Negative experience with VTR

For some months, VTR had stopped emailng our invoices, although I continued to pay them though bank transfers as they became due… Then I received a call alleging we hadn’t paid last month’s service.

So I called their “help” line. After being transferred five times to different departments, after 25 minutes ended up talking to the same guy who had initially taken the call. He suggested I pay a visit to their local office, so I did.

Although the office had a touchscreen intended to automate queries, this was operated by a young lady who, on learning that this was a business account, asked me to produce our Constitución de Sociedad, hardly a document routinely carried around. Then she asked for the Company RUT, my personal RUT, and asked if I was the Legal Representative of the company. After complying with those demands, a boleta de atención was grudgingly issued.

When I finally got to finally talk to the rep, he couldn’t explain why we weren’t getting bills any more, but promised to look into it. He also stated that it wasn’t possible we paid using bank transfers, as VTR doesn’t have an agreement with our bank, Itaú, although he admitted that our payments were up to date.

Finally left, with the impression that nothing had been resolved, but this month the invoice reappeared, and was duly paid. The whole pointless kerfuffle reminded me of last Sunday’s elections.

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