Country-Wide Network Outages Caused by... "Imponderables Externos"

Personally I am showing at the moment that some sites like pcfactory and yapo are down…

Haven’t had an outright outage but errors when loading certain Chilean and outside of Chile sites which began perhaps 4-5 days ago (VTR here on the southern V Region coast). Reloading or coming back an hour later seems to solve the problem.

In La Serena, we lost Movistar cellular and Internet fibre optic services. Since our fixed phone line is also delivered through the fibre, that went as well. I could ping foreign sites, with an intermittent response.

I commented in the past that Chile is now so reliant on internet services, but there seems to be no redundancy built in to the system. All it takes is to lose one strategic cable and everything stops, including the emergency services. But whenever I have pointed this out, including getting a letter published in Mercurio, a curious lack of imagination seems unable to comprehend this scenario. Everything is OK until it isn’t!

It’s no big deal for consumers to lose communications for a while, but consider what could happen if that loss of connectivity had been caused by an earthquake…Chile would revert to pre-electric days. Before the advent of Cellphones and the Internet, AM radio stations were important for informing communities, but they are long gone.

All living in chile should be able to get Starlink. It is not 5g. Download the app on your phone and order it through that. I have 2 friends that have it (got it in a couple weeks).

The dish is also tiny it is about the size of a nice egg laying hen.

I am probably going to get it soon, but will be keeping my 4g terrestrial routers.

In the coming times having both terrestrial and non terrestrial options will be wise

Starlink is a game changer. Before it arrived, Sat internet access from geostationary satellites was hugely expensive, with high latency. So there’s even less reason these days why a nationwide emergency backup system couldn’t be set up. But it will never happen…