Crime Increase Hopefully Over?

As we discussed before this year, we saw crime increasing in 2019-2022 but it now looks like the crime rate has reached a plateau or even gone into decline.

Here is one report

Only focused on a few specific areas however I have seen similar stories like this 4-5 times now, and in recent weeks I’ve noticed less media and social media and in person talk about rising crime.I also don’t recall as many major incidents.

I reckon the government and police actions are having some effect. Let’s hope future reports and data are able to confirm that this really is a trend and crime really has peaked or gone into decline.

I bought a newspaper at the weekend and for homicides it said 87% are by Chilean nationals, but this is down from 99% some years ago. So homicides by foreigners that have come to Chile is on the increase, but is still very much the minority according to the report.

A comment from the same article:

Meanwhile, a bit farther north:

And in the South:

Both published on the same day as the initial government propaganda.


And so-called “Mapuche” violence continues to advance southwards from Temuco into Los Lagos region.

Stats fall when one stops counting… How convenient.

Violent crimes are now so common that its pointless trying to keep track of them, especially as many go unreported, but this incident from last Friday night, where a mob attacked a public hospital, shows how bad things are.

“Llegaron dos personas baleadas, una con una herida grave torácica que entró a pabellón y falleció, y una segunda persona un joven que llegó con una herida en el tobillo que fue dado de alta”, detalló.

Producto del fallecimiento de esta primera persona llegaron alrededor de 50 personas al hospital con el objetivo de atacar al servicio de urgencia, produciendo además una balacera al exterior sobrepasando a los dos carabineros de punto que tiene el centro.