Have crime rates risen in Chile in the last 5 years?

Economic upheaval is causing rising crime rates, drug use and homelessness in many major North American cities. What is your experience with higher crime rates, drug use and homelessness in Chile? Is it concentrated in the large cities? Are some regions experiencing higher crime rates than others ? Does anyone have statistics, personal experiences, answers?

I was in Maitencillo on Sunday for a day trip and met 2 people that said they moved out of Santiago, citing crime as a reason. However, they had not had any crime actually happen to them, it was more the fear of it due to TV which they more or less admitted when I talked to them about it. I tend to think we are living in fear because of the way the TV reports on individual crimes. In a country of millions, this will inevitably lead to constant TV reports on crime even if the crime rate is very low.

When crimes like a stolen car or a robbery in a pharmacy are on national TV, it means you are living in a good country. Remember that things that happen frequently are not newsworthy and therefore won’t be on the news.

Ignore the TV and and ask yourself how many crimes have happened to you, people you know. Only consider local crimes or very serious crimes in your assessment of how much crime there is.

I cannot recollect seeing any crime happen before my very eyes in the 8 years I have been here. When I was in Tanzania in 2004 I had to jump on someone’s bag to stop a thief snatching it on day one. When I was in USA in 2018 we saw a full on fistfight on day one. Never seen either in Chile, even after spending hours and hours travelling around Santiago on foot, metro etc. Even cycled through the whole city. Been all over.

On the other hand I met a woman from Santiago who said she had her bicycle stolen twice…while she was riding it. A car was stolen (again while someone was driving it!) a few weeks ago a few hundred yards from my house. Two robberies in shops in the last month or so. One of them the video was shared from our local shop and the shop assistant left their phone on the counter and someone pilfered it and walked out.

Robberies do happen occassionally in houses, but we’ve never had one yet in 8 year, although we did have a stone thrown at a window and go through a few years back.

Could not agree more with Mendoza citing the TV just pump fear into the population. Majorly…

Violent crime? Some BS Peruvian attacked mi polola and put her into the hospital. Peruvian was arrested and did an over-nighter, but the BS judges refuse to hear the case. Outside of that, nothing to me personally (yet).

Just theft, theft, and more theft around my parts. Bikes, cars, and definitely an increase in las encerronas y los portanazos.

Your girlfriend was hsopitalized because of an attack? Hope she’s okay. Was it just a random attack to ateal her purse (do women still carry them?) or was it a disagreement that blew out of proportion?

Yes there does seem to be a disconnect. Of course that could be explained by correlating factors.

Like for example that its possible that all of us on this forum are super geniuses that unwittingly steer clear of problematic situations in most cases and as a result we have a far lower nexus with violent crime? Bahahahaha

We have been hearing the typical stick shaking about where we live for over 7 years (could say our town, our region, or even chile as a whole).
Ive stopped listening but still keeping a look out

She is okay yes, now… The attack was March 2021, the Peruvian has currently skipped trial TWICE, and everyone seems to be okay with that. The defense for obvious criminals is outstanding in this “country” … GF rented out an apartment in El Centro, and this Peruvian was living in it, then just stopped paying and started squatting for over a year… When GF went down there to try to get her out, Peruvian went ape-shit about how she has “un derecho a una vivienda digna.” Sound familiar???

Over the last few years, we have had several visits from the PDI and from neighbours after local break-ins, asking if our security cameras could help identify the thieves. Since our cameras mainly focus on our property, they were no help, although we did furnish the cops with a nasty attempted femicidio video where the perp was jailed for 10 years.

Have crime rates increased? Yes, without a doubt, at least in towns and cities. All types of crime.

After a couple of incidents, we installed window bars and replaced our wooden door with a steel mampara. Many of our neighbours have done the same.

“Sound familiar?” Sounds like the mantra of the left.

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Thanks feargle, hearing that from others also. Sadly

It´s actually nice to hear a report where someone was actually jailed. So often you hear reports where there was no jail or no major consequences.

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Any ideas as to why there is this crime wave?

Just yesterday or the day before a mob of people looted our local Tottus again in Talagante. There was a lot of people involved (one claim was 200 looters) making this perhaps the worst incident I’ve heard about in this local area since 2014, with the exception of October-November 2019. A lot of people were arrested, I think it was 40.

I noticed it made the national news, even the President commented on it. At least that’s something, since it suggests such incidents can’t be too common at a national level.

I am curious what the provocation/justification was. In California and other West coast states, police are turning a blind eye to looters if their stolen merch is less than 1000$, thus gangs raid stores with impunity. Is this a copycat version or a continuation of the random violence under the guise of political demonstrations?

Amazing they got 40. With a flash mob of 200 thats a lot of chaos.
They being…i assume…the customary single security guard tasked with protecting the store from high temps and now this.

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solo 7 fueron formalizadas por el Ministerio Público y ninguna quedó con la medida cautelar de prisión preventiva,

…pero todas con prohibición de acercarse a los locales

Just a practice run for what happens when rechazo wins.

Yeah, its all starting up again.

A despairing message from a Chilean blogger:

Me siento atrapado en este país de mierda repleto de gente mentirosa, hipócrita, sinvergüenza y ladrona. Trabajar toda la vida para llegar a este punto es muestra de que debí arrancar de esta basura de país hace muchos años ¿Por qué no me fui a tiempo a USA, Australia u otro lugar mejor que este nido de ratas? Demasiado tarde para lamentarme y arrepentirme.

Surprise, surprise.

hahahahahaha excellently said

So are lawmakers emulating the catastrophe that is California???