Crime Increase Hopefully Over?

It is heartbreaking to hear about the escalating state of insecurity and crime.

We are in the south and its the high high season now and we have not noticed that businessese are closing earlier or anything like that which is happening elswhere. Even with all the crowds which historically have brought the criminal opportunists for stealing stuff out of cars, etc they dont particularly seem to be here this year or somehow we just arent in the wrong places at the wrong times.

The cities are where this will fester, but without a solution it WILL spread out to even the more remote areas. It will not stay contained as long as the root causes are allowed to stay rooted in the ground and feeding the poisonous trees

I agree that 2 more years of this escalation is a deal breaker. It is just not viable. What is one to do with small children. One of the reasons we came here was for the safety in face of the western countries downward spiral. At this point it has almost become a case of pick your poison

Sad to hear more have left, but I can understand why. What real future is there here for the next 1 or 2 generations? It looks pretty bleak.

According to this report, the homicide and attempted homicide rate has almost doubled in six years, with no sign of a letup.
Suspect that the true rate is considerably higher.

An IPSOS survey on crime from last year, with Chile at the top:

I’m amazed to actually see some coverage about the current situation here:

Yeah, that article states that the police have a high approval rating these days, but that wasn’t the case not too long ago, when members of the present government and sections of the media led attacks on all public institutions with the aim of generating instability as a precursor to their commie takeover.

Its depressing to see how the Chilean public can be so easily manipulated, and how forgetful they are.
es paco