Chile is now a High Risk country

Another world record for Chile, this time for insurance payouts after the 2019 shit show. The actual damage costs were probably much greater as many properties are uninsured/ uninsurable.

Según la aseguradora- que forma parte de la consultora inmobiliaria GPS Property-, los actos de vandalismo registrados en dicha época superan los casos de otros países que han vivido crisis similares como Estados Unidos (US$2.000 millones) y Francia (US$227 millones).

El reporte de GPS Seguros además señala que los reaseguradores mundiales están viendo a Chile como un país de alto riesgo. Esto se ha reflejado en la fuerte alza de tasas, en muchos casos superiores al 50% los dos últimos años, argumenta que nada hace pensar que esta tendencia cambie en el futuro próximo.

That figure is $1 billion more that the insurance cost of the BLM riots in the US, Chile proving to be world leaders in delinquency as always. Although at least the BLM people can claim to have achieved their goals, all the Octoburistas have achieved is to turn their country into a gangsters’ paradise where people are afraid to leave the house after dark, elect a clueless populist with an approval rating almost as bad as Pinera’s and drag the country into years of seemingly never-ending political deadlock over a pointless constitutional change that nobody really seems to want anymore.

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Chile: All Ways Disappointing

Some months ago there was a risk report prepared in English by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), which is a global corporate insurance carrier. They took a particular interest in the increasing instability seen in Chile though the report is global in scope, since what is adversely affecting this country is hardly unique. The outlook is in general negative but realistic.

Those interested can request a download of their full report, which is no doubt the sort of cautionary material considered by those who might have thought about investing in Chile.

The bullet summary of the report here:

  • Businesses are increasingly witnessing the impact of protest movements and civil unrest on their operations, a trend that is forecast to grow
  • A new report by AGCS identifies five factors likely to power ongoing incidences of political violence activity around the world
  • Strikes, riots, and civil commotion racked up $12bn of losses for businesses and institutions from just six major incidents in recent years
  • Businesses should view the current climate as a catalyst for evaluating best practices and policies around preparing office locations and employees for impact of potential civil unrest.

Chile is also on high risk lists in terms of internet freedoms, surveillance, data protection, etc. A theme which is highly under-looked.

Bi-polar. One can defend a product name via INAPI but there is 100% freedom to download all the books, music and movies you want with whoever Chile Internet provider.

Everything can be tracked by RUN and RUT but Chile surveillance has got to be on the level of competence as the Boric government.

Data protection, yeah all Chile government and corporate entities have already been hacked by the US, China, Russia, Israel, Iran, Venezuela and basement dwellers around the world.

You are quite correct in that. The policy toward cell phones is a good example. And the overall topic warrants a forum thread.

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Por lo anterior, se ordenó no encender computadores, además de prohibir conectar cualquier dispositivo de almacenamiento interno, incluso pendrives autorizados.

Así también, se instruyó desconectar físicamente el cable de Ethernet de todos los computadores e impresoras conectadas a la red intranet institucional.

Por último, se insistió en no encender para realizar algún tipo de trabajo en los computadores institucionales hasta que se levante la alerta.

A bit drastic…If it got that far, it means that basic precautions had not been followed.