Can the political left/right coexist?

Interested in opinions on this article

With all the upheaval around the world, much of it with sides drawn along left/right…the article is US focused, but the implications for South A and EU are just as relevant

I don’t think so. I think we have scared many away from the forum because the main actors here are probably considered “extreme” on the other side of left/mainstream thinking.

And I have emphasized, I will not censor opposing viewpoints unlike many on the other side.

So what gives :man_shrugging:

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This forum is quite conservative/right wing/alternative/anti mainstream establishment which might scare off us left wingers, but it’s not like there were many left wingers on the previous forums either.

To the broader question of left/right coexistence, I really think this is not a global problem currently but a US problem, where the divisiveness, and risk of civil war/riots and so on, is much higher. In Chile and many other countries, there isn’t the same level of left/right tribalism. At this point the US is rather more like countries like Somalia and the former Yugoslavia, that broke down into tribalism and war, and places like that are where lessons can be learned.

A possible solution for the US is just to split up. I’ve written here about how that would work here (although I don’t currently favour this option). Plan B: Divide the USA Into Three | Vegan Forum

Another possible solution is state/region level autonomy, where regional governments get to decide health and education policy. But still one nation and one military. That seems like a better direction for now.

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I think we all have more commonalities than differences but, alas the internet is great at exponentially highlighting the bad.

Steven Pinker talked about how things are actually getting better, not worse. But, this was a couple of years ago and it might be a little bit different now with the pandemic?

In the U.S I voted for Andrew Yang as I still feel he best represents my way of thinking, that is “let’s solve the problem and not get caught up in the politics of it all”, or as his campaign motto said, “not left, not right, but forward.” His campaign slogan sounded like something from the Simpsons :joy: but the idea about how technology is drastically changing everything really resonates with me.

I’ll forever be #YangGang :billed_cap:

I think the article is similar to every politically motivated news/opinion outlet you care to patronize. It starts out seemingly to be unbiased and non political just stating the facts as they see them, then starts to separate people based on what they “know to be true” about the people they end up making into the villain towards the end and finally finish off with how to disposed of these villains. I personally think 99.99999% of the world’s population want the same things. List the things you want in one column of a spreadsheet and on the next column type yes or no for wether or not you think the “other side” wants these things. Show the list to someone you think is on the other side of the spectrum and see if they don’t agree with you for both columns but with themselves being in the first column and you being in the second.

Andrew Yang is a smart guy and seems like a good guy, I’ve heard him on Sam Harris and 80,000 hours podcasts.

Things are getting better over time when you take the long view but there is a case to be made that things have got worse since about 2016. That was when the Brexit debate started to paralyze the UK, Trump blew up the US political scene, we’ve had Bolsonaro as one of the worst ever leaders of a democratic country, Boris Johnson who used to be a second tier joke candidate become the UK’s leader, and reductions in democracy and freedom in places as far apart as Venezuela, Poland, Hungary, Russia and China. The organizations that measure democracy are actually measuring a reduction even after averaging it across 200 countries. A new low for global democracy | The Economist

I can’t fully make out why we are stagnating, or even going backwards (even pre COVID).

As I may have mentioned before, I suspect either
1 social media (especially facebook)
2 random chance and things will get better in a few years.
3 something not right in terms of inequality/capitalism - working classes revolting against the elite, elite is telling them to just eat cake

I really hope, as we all do, that things start to get better. Cheers brit!

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