The 24-fold division

So we are divided over climate change causes and policies, over politics (and especially the past elections), we are split into unvaccinated and vaccinated, not to say there are divisions over modern science vs. traditional knowledge, vegetarianism, etc. To create a poll that would properly sort all members into groups of the same type, how many categories must be included? I think, there must be about 24 parties. Is friendship possible in the face of this manifold Division?

This image below is a symmetric arrangement of 12 cubes and 12 octahedra, I have created it as a WRL file.


I think if you were to count the things that bring us together, you would find more harmony in the numbers.

One way to trim down the list is to indicate which ones are “non negotiable” for someone. Like if you believe x then I cant stand you and wont be a.friend. But if you believe Y…meh we can agree to disagree and still be friends.

I don’t think you will get a sorting of all members into the same type that is legitimate. I think the switching the order of the questions in the pole will change the replies, results and sorting of the pole. I would like to see the questions though as I have been thinking about something similar but with the twist of trying to figure out why people seem to take a one sided approach to every decision they make and “fact” they believe. I’m 60 years old and believe society has rapidly moved from the Information Age to the Disinformation Age. I have a 45 minute drive home from work and listen to the radio everyday. I start on the liberal station and listen until I want to puke. I then go to the conservative station and listen until I want to puke. I then go to the business station and, yep, listen until I want to puke. Each station will report on the same “fact” with their bias, slant and purposeful lies so that what is white on one station is black on the other. I end up finishing the drive home listening to the rock-n-roll of my youth stored on my phone and am truly amazed at how great that music was. I ask my friends where they get the info that they make their decisions from and almost all will get the news from one source only. None of my liberal friends will ever listen to a conservative news source and none of my conservative friends will ever listen to a liberal news source. And these people are all successful, well educated contributing members of society with one thing in common- they really do not want to hear the other side of the story.

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Yep, rock-n-roll…

Though I was only half serious about creating an actual poll (and the number 24), if we divide the “politics” question into 3 options, and the “sanitary”, “climate” and “science” questions into 2 options each, we get the 24 types exactly. Yes, to formulate any of these questions is not easy.

I would arrange the questions in the following order.

The most important at this point, IMO, would be the sanitary topic, as the consequences for the world economy, finance, well-being, and of course “human rights” and “freedom of expression” (so called, as these words now sound so much like an oxymoron) will very soon overweight any of the consequences of political left or right shifts. The improper understanding of climatic changes, together with any unwise action upon such misunderstanding, would be equally harmful and painful, so this question goes next. Then goes the politics, and the last one the modern science.

The exact wording for any of the questions – I would need some help here. Maybe, whether or not one believes in the official presentation of the true nature and causes of the climatic changes (or, like me, one believes that unless people try to see the “fundamental”, and to understand that which precedes and causes all changes in the universe, our knowledge about any particular change is insufficient). Then whether or not one believes in the official presentation of the entire “perdu monocle 1984”

If anyone else is interested in an actual poll, please suggest questions, including their exact formulation.

Go for it all, pose a question and we will hone it together. Sounds like a great project where our differences can be viewed constructively while working together at the same time. OSIT.

The dual of the cube (blue) is the octahedron (red). Though they are different, the cube-octahedron compound looks so nice!

oct cube

If only things worked in this simple manner in real life, and all the “non negotiable” opposites could always work together… Not always so. Sometimes one firmly believes X, or maybe one believes that he or she “knows” X (rather than just “believes”). Because this is just so, period. Because this is just right, no matter what others say. I myself is very much of this kind, in many respects… Will try to think about composing the questions.

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